Sunday, August 18, 2019

My Life In Photos July 15 - July 25

July 15 - Oddly enough the only photo I took was a shot of Back To School supplies from Dollar Tree. My daughter was home and I wanted to ask if she needed anything. We talk a lot through photos.

July 16 - This was the last day we visited Mineral Springs for the Summer. This was right before my son got sick. I had picked up Goddess' friend Tony to enjoy the day with us. I took some shots of my son jumping off the wall. A week after this our world was completely different. For more on what happened see Getting Over Some of the Scariest Days Of My Life.

July 17 - My daughter and I made some plastic balloons. You can see more of this in Blast From My Past. Does anyone remember making these?

July 18 - My son really wanted a Mohawk. This is modified but he loved it. I wasn't comfortable with him getting it but he is 16, I need to allow him to look how he wants to look.

July 19 - I spent the day with one of my besties this summer. We planned a sleep over which was wonderful. We use to room together and she is so important to my life so having so many hours to just talk was really nice.

July 20 - This is my happy place. My husband created a magical world on the deck. It is wonderful to come out and see the flowers, hear the bees and take a billion photos a day.

July 21 - Volunteering at the animal shelter is something we do for our souls! We love it and when we are done cleaning we get to spend time with the cats. It is definitely something I will cherish the rest of my life.

July 22 - My husband created some handmade flower boxes for the front of the  house. He used some scrap wood, got chicken wire and together we picked out flowers. He didn't want to use real flowers because he didn't want dirt running down the newly painted house.

July 23 - Sometimes watching my daughter makes me sad. I realize she is getting older and will one day leave me but I love the time we spend together. We were on our way to cat sit and she looked so adorable I needed to take a photo.

July 24 -  This was the day we headed to the emergency room. My son was having trouble walking. He was dizzy, off balance and his legs couldn't hold him up. They were shaking and it was horrifying for me. To see more about this story and what the diagnosis was, go here.

July 25 - This photo sums up this day. The scariest day of my life. The link for the breakdown is above. I can't look at this pic without feeling anxious

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