Sunday, August 12, 2018

How To Get That Mid-Century Modern Style

Today's homeowners are experiencing a big resurgence in mid-century modern style. It's showing up in architecture, building materials, furniture styles, and all kinds of decorative accessories and household items. This popular style from the 1950s is very popular with a younger generation of adults.

Anyone who likes and appreciates clean, contemporary lines is likely drawn to the simplicity of mid-century modern style. It focuses on modern elements with simple lines and shapes. There are no frills like hand carving, inlaid finishes, and embellished details. Simplicity is the key element that enhances the natural beauty of the design, rather than the finishing touches.


Mid-century modern architecture emphasizes open floor plans, rather than defined rooms. Interior home plans have a combination of straight lines, sloped ceilings with large beams, and large spans of glass and skylights that emphasize natural light throughout the home. Mid-century modern architecture gives a home a feeling of presence, as well as comfort.

Building Materials

Natural building materials like concrete, stone, wood, metal, and glass enhance the simplicity of the style. They provide a clean, modern palette that is easily mixed with other design elements in the home. Beautiful hardwood floors mixed with large windows and skylights emphasize a warm palette, while gray slate floors and railings with aluminum balusters emphasize a cool palette.


The straight lines and minimal curves in mid-century modern furniture repeat the lines found in the architecture. While most furniture pieces are square or rectangular in shape, smaller items like chairs, coffee tables, and accent pieces often have soft curves. Upholstery used on furniture typically emphasizes texture and color, rather than pattern. When patterns are used, they are usually small and geometrical.

Decorative Accessories

Mid-century modern style uses minimal decorative accessories, because they create visual clutter and take the eye away from the main goal of simplicity. The style is somewhat minimalistic, focusing on quality rather than quantity. When accessories are used, they are limited to artwork and larger tabletop items that provide interesting colors and textures. Stainless steel legs on sofas and chairs, aluminum balusters on stair railings, and chrome lighting fixtures all highlight natural design elements.

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