Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Bro Basket Is The Perfect Idea For The Man or Men In Your Life #thebrobasket #videoreview

From boozy baskets like The Vodka Martini, The Ultimate Whisky Sampler, Ultimate Beer Lover and Viva Tequila to the boozeless Mini BBQ Party and Poker Night, The Bro Basket caters to every event.

I have been looking for this kind of gift forever! Something that tells my husband how much I appreciate all he does for us but also a place that I can go to whenever I need to send a gift out to my Uncle, Father, God-Father or friend. The Bro Basket has been saved to my favorites and I will be ordering from the often.

There are so many reasons to love The Bro Basket but probably reason #1 is because of how much my husband loved it.  He is a man of very few words. He loved it! When I asked him to put it into words he said.

"It looks amazing as soon as you get it out of the box. If I didn't want to try the beer so badly I might have put it on a shelf or the fridge was big enough I would have put the whole basket in there to chill the beer and still have it looking nice. I have never been one who needed to try craft beers but found not knowing what I was getting interesting. I usually stick with my favorite beer and always just drink that. It honestly was fun just trying something different." I also like that they had a bottle opener and beer cozy. I have never used one before. I used it on every bottle. We have bottle openers but if you are sending a basket of beer it is nice that the basket comes with one for those who may not have one. This is a great first apartment basket, birthday gift basket, new job basket or the honey thanks for making new steps so I don't fall down them again basket."

Yeah this is true, he made new steps for me. I fell down twice in three months. They were "death steps". All better now.  He spent his whole vacation making them and they are amazing.

Oh, back to The Bro Basket...

I didn't get to taste the beers but I can tell you that they looked fun. He told me they were all good and that he enjoyed spending two days trying new beers.


The prices are great and are based on the size and contents of the basket. They also don't only have beer, spirits or wine. They also have cigars, snacks, fitness, coffee lovers baskets and more. One of my personal favorites is the Jack and Coke. It comes with Jack Daniels, Coke and pretzels. It is the perfect gift.

Go over and check out all the baskets available or make one of your own.

My Video Review

Follow The Bro Basket on Twitter or Facebook to stay on top of their latest. Disclaimer: I received a complimentary basket for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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