Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Get Off Your iPad, iPhone, Tablet or Computer and Spend Some Quality Time Together - This Is Not Your Grandmother's Puzzle

Adult themed puzzles are coming and they are awesome!  You can get yours August 15th but until then let me tell you all about it and show you one of the puzzles.

Guys, it is TIME to make a conscious effort to put down the electronics and get back to real socialization. My husband and I sit in the same room with the TV on in the background on our separate electronics and maybe talk for 20 minutes out of the 4 hours we watch TV before bed at night unless we make a conscious effort to get off our respective devices.  In fact, I spend some of my nightly online time doing puzzles on my iPad. It's crazy. I love puzzles and love how competitive it can get when we do it as a group. What? You don't get competitive? Is it just us?

Anyway...let me mention a puzzle I did the other day with my husband and then my daughter (she loves them too) Yeah, I put a puzzle with shot glasses together with my 13 year old don't judge.

I did this puzzle twice and will be doing it again Friday night!
Buzzed Puzzles is going to flip the adult puzzle world from crappy landscapes, cute animals and homely cottages to graffiti, tattoos, booze, weed, zombies and lots of sexy sexiness. In addition to the holidays and rainy days we want to bring puzzles to cocktail parties, the waiting room at a tattoo parlor or barber shop, even a corner table at a bar, tap room or winery. By adding some sex, drugs, booze and shenanigans to the puzzling world we can finally bring a fun and nostalgic pastime back into the homes and hearts of a badass new adult generation. 

I was craving a shot after this puzzle
AND get ready for this! Two other aspects of Buzzed we are excited about; Buzzed will also be launching the first ever Drinking Game Jigsaw Puzzle! Also, Buzzed will be focusing heavily on an Artist Affiliate program in which we find edgy tattoo, street, graffiti artists as well as any other edgy influencer art such as anime, gaming, music etc. that we can use to make amazingly diverse puzzles with relevant and new art!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered.

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