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Garden Lites Have Made Summer Life Easier For My No Meat Eating Daughter


Lettuce Celebrate Veggie-Rich Foods! 
Help kids and parents get more veggies into their diet with Garden Lites®

 RAHWAY, NJ (July, 2018)Garden Lites®, the delicious vegetable company and the leader in unique veggie-rich foods, helps kids and parents get more veggies into their diet. In fact, vegetables are the primary ingredient in all of their items.  They are also made with only clean/simple ingredients, Gluten Free, non-GMO certified, nut free and kosher. This has led to an expanded product line and true game changer of innovation in the frozen food category.  The product line is perfect for a quick or on the go breakfast, in the lunchbox, as an after school snack or desert. And, since it’s the dog days of summer, it’s also just right for camp, picnics, the pool or beach! 

Garden Lites products can be found nationwide, including distribution in Costco, Kroger, Meijer, Target, Shop Rite, Publix, Stop & Shop, Giant, HEB, Ralph’s, Fry’s, Whole Foods, and many more retailers. The line also has the prestigious Good Housekeeping Nutrition Seal of Approval, which is the first health-conscious, lifestyle-aware seal in the food and beverage industry.

The new and expanded products include:

  • Garden Lites® line of muffins  include some the brands best sellers.  The Chocolate Muffin’s first two ingredients are zucchini and carrots and are 33% veggies.  Heat in the microwave OR just let them thaw, to enjoy a decadent experience for only 120 calories. Garden Lites muffins come in a package of 6 muffins, for an SRP of $4.99.  They are also available in other great flavors including Blueberry Oat, Banana Chocolate Chip and Carrot Berry. 
  • Garden Lites® Superfood Veggie Cakes, launched only 2 years ago, are already the best-selling item in the company’s portfolios. Experts agree that superfoods are incredibly good for you and Garden Lites Superfood Veggie Cakes are packed with nutrient-rich superfood veggies like kale and cauliflower. Each veggie cake is packed with veggies, gluten free, non-gmo and nutritionally smart. They make a great breakfast, snack or side dish, and have an SRP of $4.99 for 6. They are available in both Garden Lites® is a Classic Cooking, LLC brand based in Avenel and Rahway, NJ that produces delicious vegetable snack foods. Since 2008, Garden Lites has raised the bar in healthy foods by delivering full flavor that’s also veggie rich. Garden Lites has the Good Housekeeping Nutrition Seal of Approval and is the recipient of numerous awards, including the  Cooking Light - The Healthiest Frozen Foods in the Supermarket: Breakfast;  Grocery Headquarters Trailblazer Award; Parents Magazine 25 Best Frozen Food for Families – Gluten Free Digest Chocolate Muffins;  Pioneers of Better For You: Refrigerated and Frozen Foods and  Runner’s World Editor’s Pick.

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The 411 by Maria:

My daughter is extremely picky and not always hungry. She doesn't eat meat well maybe bacon once a month or "chicken nuggets" once every other month so getting her to eat something before we leave the house for the day gets annoying.  She always says "I'm not hungry". Come something! I was pleasantly surprised when she tried the Garden Lite's muffins. She loves both flavors we have tried so far. The Chocolate Muffins and the Blueberry Oat Muffins which were the flavors I could find at my Shoprite.

She eats one every morning for breakfast and around 6 says, "I can really go for another muffin but I want to savor them."  She savors them so much that she has been using a Demitasse spoon to eat them so it takes longer.

What We think:

They are both good and easy for quick on the go meals which is exactly what we need these days. You can defrost if you are going to make them immediately but why bother. You can take them from the freezer to the plate in 30 seconds. Simply pop in the microwave for 35 seconds and eat!

 The chocolate has a lovely chocolate flavor. It is tasty. Good alone or with milk or coffee.  It doesn't have a nasty aftertaste. In fact, it is the perfect treat when you want some chocolate. They are
Allergy-friendly! Gluten, Dairy & Nut Free and only 120 calories.  If you are doing Weight Watchers they are only 5 points.

We both like the Blueberry Oat Muffins better. The blueberries are big and you can really see the veggies in there. They are moist and delicious. This is her go to muffin and she cannot wait to try others.

Garden Lites range from $4 and change to $8 and change depending on where you buy them from. They were over $5 at my Shoprite but my daughter loves them so I have purchased again since receiving review coupons.

We think they taste amazing and were surprised to see how many veggies we could see in the muffins. They taste like homemade to me. We love them!
Disclaimer: I received coupons for the opportunity to try Garden Lites. No monetary compensation was offered.

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