Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Hersday For Her Day

Hersday produces one of the finest, safest organic pads & tampons for women all over the world.

My daughter is young and I want her to have the safest products especially when it comes to her body! Hersday is a safe woman's product for that time of the month when you need something very close to your skin that is not irritating and does the job.

Subscribing to Hersday is easy and customized to your needs.  You pick your type of flow and whether you want a monthly, 3 month supply or 6 month supply.

We love that the pads are easy to take with you and have multiple sets of wings to ensure no shifting. 

We all get it so let's not make it embarrassing or weird.

Follow Hersday on Facebook to stay up to date with this new company.

OH and more importantly...they are giving free products to their first 1,000 clients which is how I got mine.

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