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Italian Cook Book: Autentico Cooking Italian the Authentic Way by Rolando Beramendi

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Rolando Beramendi

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An introduction to the the true flavors of Italy

From the bright notes of newly pressed olive oil to the hearty warmth of slow-cooked ragĂșAutentico is the definitive guide and homage to authentic Italian food. Rolando Beramendi, the importer behind Manicaretti and a connoisseur of all things Italian, details how to make classic dishes using simple, updated methods and the finest ingredients. The 120 recipes go beyond pasta by exploring an array of regional Italian dishes as they are meant to be. From the vibrant bitterness of Wild Herb Pesto to the sweet complexity of Dolce Forte—a lamb stew seasoned with spices first carried along the Silk Road—to Silvana Vivoli's masterful gelato, Autentico reflects the true essence of eating, drinking, and being an Italian.

ROLANDO BERAMENDI is the founder of the Italian fine food importer Manicaretti and a frequent winner of Specialty Food Show awards. Truly a “chef’s chef,” his products, cooking classes, and culinary expertise have been praised by luminaries such as Ina Garten, Alice Waters, Mario Batali, Thomas Keller, Nancy Silverton, and many more. He splits his time between New York, San Francisco, and his home in Florence.

The 411:

There is a foreward by The Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten herself who talks about Rolando and his passion for using the very best ingredients to create dishes that showcase the best ingredients from Italy.

The book is broken into 7 chapters:

Ready To Use
To Begin With
Now, For A First Course
As A Main Course
To Accompany
To Fish With

I love the pictures. They are definitely shot in Italy and made me think of my family. 

The beginning of the book I sat and devoured the section about different olive oils and how to store them.  I love and only cook with Olive Oil. It is by far the best. I buy the best I can afford and believe it can make or break your dish.

He has a great selection of tomato sauce recipes. I make a sauce every Sunday. It has been made for years and it is good! 

Another section I loved was about using fresh herbs. I grow my own basil and vow to water less next year. He says that basil leaves become soft and less flavorful when watered to frequently. I love my basil.

Out of the 120 recipes included I cannot wait to make Artichokes with a hard-on and Crostini di Melanzana 

His recipes also suggest wines to drink with each one that compliments the dish.   

To Order:

Look for this book in my upcoming Holiday Gift Guide for 2017 which you will find at the top of my blog on November 1st.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for this review. No monetary compensation was offered or received.

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