Thursday, October 26, 2017

Proud Mommy Moment

This year the kids have both brought home report cards that make me so proud. They are such good kids. I am very fortunate. Handsome has always been an excellent student. He takes great pride in his school work and always aims to do his best. Working hard from the moment he gets home until it is all done. He is like me. Do it now so I can play later.

Granted Goddess has way more homework than he does but she has never been good at staying on task. She needs constant redirection to stay on task and homework that should take probably an hour takes her about 4 because she never stays seated. Bath room, checking for cat pics on Instagram, scooter breaks in the hallway, bothering her brother, regular stuff but so annoying.

This year they removed her from the inclusion class which meant no special teacher in the class to keep her on task and make sure she is on top of her assignments and writing down her homework assignments. I am usually on top of her but this year she does come home and get started even if it takes hours. She seems to be much more responsible and I am happy to see that when I write to see if she is missing any assignments; she is not.

Both my kids report cards are way better than mine ever was.

Handsome is in the 95-100 range except for Spanish which is at 89. NOT BAD!
Goddess is above 89-95 in everything except for math where she has a 75. I am thrilled with this 75 because she was only pulling a 65 even with all the extra help last year. So excited for them.

They surprise me every single day. They are both polite, love volunteer work and help me out with chores without any lip. Well Goddess say she doesn't want to but does it anyway. Where Handsome says, "OK" and "no problem."

They are both amazing and I love them to pieces!

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