Wednesday, October 11, 2017

National Geographic Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark REVIEW - GIFT IDEA

National Geographic Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark

Celebrate the beauty of the world after dark—from starlit skies and glowing city streets to exquisite nocturnal creatures and the wonders that emerge after sunset—with this amazing new book from National Geographic.The world is a different place after dark, and this magnificent photography book illuminates the mesmerizing realm of all things nocturnal. After dark, the light is different; there is an unspoken intimacy; new and different activities occur. And in the natural world, an unseen universe comes alive.

Page after page of vivid photos explore the many nuances of night vision—from the sea by moonlight to night markets in Laos to the face of a child lit up by a screen in a darkened room. The range of images is breathtaking: A smoky jazz club. Flowers that bloom only at night. Phosphorescent fish. Lions photographed with infrared cameras. The Eiffel Tower, all lit up. Faces around a campfire. A stadium lit by floodlights. Earth from space. Elegant, sexy, and a little mysterious, this richly illustrated book is a stunning pathway to some of the world's most captivating sights.

The 411:

This is an amazing book of full color photos of the world after dark. Each picture is vivid and stunning from the flying squirrel to the fire and spinning steel wool over the rock canyon and everything in between. I love the pictures from above of the cities at night. Looking up into The Eiffel Tower, a fox on the pawl, and so many gorgeous reflection photos. There is so much to see here so check out the video review below.

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