Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Choosing Suitable Photography Backdrops

Lately, have you seen any photos of babies in their birthday suit displayed in any photo shops? I was passing by some shops in a small town and I saw an old fashioned photo shop. Some of the photos displayed in the glass window were very old ones and some of them were black and white photos. There were some baby photos and some were in their birthday suits.

I smiled when I saw the baby photos especially the ones in their birthday suits. I remembered seeing some similar photos in one of our old family photo albums and I am not sure who these photos belonged to. It must have belonged to one of our older family members. 

One thing I noticed about the old photos is that the backdrops were quite plain compared to our present day photos. Now there are so many backdrops to choose from. The photo studios have to have varieties of backdrops for different occasions, seasons and etc. Take for example, there are many photography backdrops  – newborn & children. Photography for babies and children are very popular among young parents and dotting grandparents. We have seen some modern photos of babies and children with very creative and lovely backdrops.

Take for example photography backdrops for weddings or family photos. High quality and very natural looking backdrops of popular tourist places e.g. parks, beaches, countryside, etc. are easily available. It is like the photos were taken in the original place. Besides the natural outdoor surroundings, there are also beautifully designed backdrops of indoor settings e.g. living hall, dining hall, stadium, etc.

These days, anyone can design and have their own backdrops custom made. You can have a backdrop designed from the photos you have taken. For those who enjoy photography as a hobby, you can have your own collection of photography backdrops. Take for example, family backdrops for party photography is very popular these days. It is fun and great for capturing these beautiful memories in photos whenever family members get together for important occasions.

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