Thursday, June 08, 2017

Balancing the Tightrope of Time

It’s a difficult balancing act, making time for your family when you don’t seem to have any time at all! Whether you work full time or you are a stay at home mom, making the balance work for you and your family will always prove to be difficult. There are many different ways to try and get it right, from scheduling your time to changing your focus, and here’s what I've seen work in other moms. Maybe you can try these too!

Focus On The Quality Of Time
There's a big difference between quality and quantity, and even though we could spend 12-hours a day with our kids, it might not be quality time at all, it might be more screen time than anything else! So, even if you only have an hour spare, why not make a conscious effort to spend that hour with your family doing something nice? We always talk about spending more time with our kids, but that doesn’t mean we’re doing anything worthwhile with them! Think about the quality first, and the rest will follow.

Work From Home
This has been a big game changer for lots of busy moms, and by working just one day a week from home, they’ve cut back on their commuting and so, as soon as they finished their work for the day, they could spend a couple more hours with their kids, making up for some lost time! For a lot of moms, funds are a major issue, and so, if you can work out a way to work from home more, it’ll benefit everyone. And for moms who struggle to find that balance but still need to earn money, there are plenty of jobs available that don’t require you to work in an office.  So many people work from home now, and it can be difficult to get that balance right, but a lot of moms are able to do it now, so give it a try!

Make Sure You're Healthy
If you're not in peak condition, how are you going to be able to make the most of what little spare time you have with your kids? It’s all about being healthy. If you are healthy, eat well, and get the sleep you need, you’ll have more energy so you can have better quality time with your children. If you're always tired, how will you enjoy spending time with your family? Rather than staying up an extra hour to clean the house after the kids have gone to bed, count backward from the time you have to wake up, so you know what time you have to go to bed. Always get to bed at the right time, and this is the best starting point to make sure you have the energy to get the most out of your quality time.

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