Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Interactive Vehicle Fun Books for Toddlers from Silver Dolphin

What kid doesn't love push, pull, turn, flip, books? My kids love them and now that I am teaching in a preschool my daytime kids love them too.  Silver Dolphin Books has created some of the most fun, best looking interactive toddler books I have ever seen.  They are not only fun but have a vintage look to them that really speaks to my heart. They are large 11.9 x 10.75 and made with really thick covers and paper. I love that there are no jackets on the books because let's face it, toddlers are not book friendly.

There are so many things to do in this books. They are not just your flip books from the past. These have lift, spin, push and pull tabs that will have kids spending more time with their books then staring at a computer screen. These are a great way to introduce toddlers to construction site machinery, Emergency vehicles and flying machines.

Fire Truck to the Rescue!, illustrated by Joe Bucco, gives a fascinating introduction to the world of fire stations, the vehicles, and the fire fighters. With flaps and tabs on every page, the book also features four special spreads that give an in-depth insight into the fire station, fire engine, fire helicopter, and firefighting practices. The fun rhyming story follows a firefighting mission that takes the fire crew out of the station, on the road, and to the emergency site to tackle a blazing building. 

This book takes us through the start of the Emergency Crews calls. They must grab their gear, jump in the truck, flashing lights, look for the cloud of smoke, work at lightening speed attaching the hose and getting the ladder up to rescue anyone who may be trapped including a cat. The book features city scenes and has so much colorful artwork to look at. There is even a fireboat to fight the flames on the other side of the building where the kids get to turn a wheel and watch the water spray the fire. LOVE IT! 

Get ready to work on a construction site! Push-Pull-Turn! Dump Truck Gets to Work is full of interactive elements that bring the scenes to life. Whether it's a dump truck, digger, or cherry picker, the story is told in rhyme and introduces the each vehicle and its role. Young builders will love following the vehicles around the construction site in this exciting tale. 

In this fun book kids get to see all the construction vehicles that may be on a construction site like the wrecking crane where they get to swing the ball, and a lift flap to see the building on the ground after you wreck it. There are dump trucks and front loaders, diggers which kids can scoop and push the rubble, bulldozers and concrete mixers with a wheel to help turn the concrete. My classroom boys (2-3 year olds) loved this book best.

Get ready for takeoff! Up in the Air takes kids up in the air as they are introduced to a variety of flying vehicles. Each page features a different interactive element such as spinners, flaps, and tabs. While reading the rhyming story, kids can use the interactive elements to bring the story to life. Whether it's a jet, helicopter, or hot-air balloon, Up in the Air is the perfect introduction to flying vehicles for youngsters. 

Follows a boy who starts with...when I grow up I am going to fly...then he proceeds to talk about all the things he could possibly fly like a hot air balloon or a jumbo jet, maybe a stunt plane where the reader gets to turn the plane as the crowd cheers. Perhaps he will rescue people in a helicopter or soar in a glider maybe even be a fighter plane flyer. There are so many cool air vehicles kids will be amazed. This definitely had my kids excited to talk about planes. They loved the colorful art and the rocket to the moon.

These books can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

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