Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sweets and Love Delivered By Mother's Day #GIVEAWAY

One of the top online gift giving sites,, has just released several new items to truly delight any mom or grandma -- from those who became moms (or grandmas) for the first time over the past year to those who have been mothering kids for more than 75 years!

I have been sending Mother's Day goodie gifts to my grandma for years. This year she is in a nursing home and I don't know the staff yet and I don't know what she is allowed so I hope to visit with my Uncle this month and bring one of the yummy gifts from Gourmet Gift Basket.

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift, but you want something that's not so predictable? Get her this scrumptious Mother’s Day Brownie Cake! This 12-inch delight will arrive to her door just as fresh as if you had picked it up from the bakery. It also has a special Mother’s Day message for Mom on top, reminding her that you're crazy about her. 

Here is how it arrived. It was 85 degrees outside and it was probably sitting on the porch for about three hours. Looks pretty good.  It came in a box surrounded by bubble wrap. It had shrink wrap around it and a plastic cover and bottom. The only thing that had shifted in probably the heat was the "M"on mom and the "V"in love. It came on Saturday and there is only half left. My husband and daughter LOVE it. The brownie is moist and soft and the frostings soft and fresh. Great gift!

Well...I would order this every day if I could. I loved these cookies. Each flavor is individually wrapped in packages of two and the type of cookie is printed on the wrap. My kids are allergic to peanuts but I love them so it was nice to see they were included but there was no chance of the kids eating them accidentally. They wish they could but I am happy they are all mine. 

There was 2 packets of the Chocolate Chip and the Fudge Brownie Cookies but don't ask me what they taste like because the husband and kids gobbled them up.  I can tell you the Oatmeal Raisin Lemon Sugar and Peanut butter were delicious. The peanut butter were my favorite. My daughter and I shared the Lemon Sugar and thought it was a nice, light, flavorful cookie. They were so nice and buttery! My daughter grabbed the box for her room. She said the box was so pretty and she wanted it for her favorite things. 

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