Monday, April 10, 2017

5 Reasons to Start Hormone Replacement Therapy

There are women that begin to feel the effects of dropping hormone levels as early as the later 40's. The changes it causes bring about discomfort, pain and difficulties in controlling moods. Hormone replacement therapy offers relief for women that find the symptoms of lowered hormones interfering with everyday life. Below are five of the best reasons to start hormone replacement therapy right away.

Mood Stabilization

The natural reduction in female hormones that comes with aging can wreak havoc on nerves and cause dramatic mood swings. This is one of the largest indicators that hormone levels are beginning to plummet. Hormone replacement therapy can bring levels back to a normal range and stop the mood swings in their tracks. You will feel a more stabilized emotional state on a consistent basis.

Fewer Reproductive System Problems

Fibroid tumors, heavy bleeding and cramping can all be unwelcome side effects of hormonal level drops. Replacing these hormones naturally will help reduce the incidences of discomfort and pain associated with female reproductive problems. Your system will stay healthy and functioning normally.

Eliminate Weight Gain and Night Sweats

There seems to be no way to keep the pounds from packing on when female hormone levels drop. Dieting can bring about even more irritable moods, because the weight seems to stay on no matter what. Night sweats are also another unpleasant symptom of dropping hormone levels and can make it unbearable to attempt sleep. Wipe out both of these problems with hormone replacement therapy.

Reduce Chances of Osteoporosis

Weakening of the bones in the spine is a danger for any woman as she ages. Less female hormones means that much of the calcium you intake is lost. You will end up with a hunched stature and be subject to serious injury if you slip and fall.

Slow Down the Natural Aging Process

Hormone replacement therapy virtually turns back the years. Your skin will feel smoother and look more vibrant. Your hair and nails will strengthen and grow again. You will feel more energetic and mentally alert. It is a safe way to retain a youthful appearance and feel.

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