Thursday, February 09, 2017

Baby Gifts For Valentine's Day

I am fortunate this year to have babies in my life again. At 50 many of my friends are done having babies but since I am in the work force again, there are many of my younger co-workers having babies and I couldn't be happier. Last week one of my daughter's teachers had a baby girl and I can't wait to see her. My daughter is so excited that she wanted to give her something for the baby so we picked up a book. I LOVE giving books, a blanket and a key ring. 

I am so excited for her to see these gifts. The first one we picked up was a Kleynimals  rattle. 


You know babies love playing with your key ring even if you have baby toys for them while you are out and about. This is perfect. There are three arctic animals gracing the rattle. Pippi the Polar Bear, Scout the Snowshoe Hare and Otto the Snow Owl.  The rattle is dishwasher safe and 100% Stainless Steel and American made. Babies will love the shiny metal and jingly sound. 


Kleynimals also donates 1% of each purchase to Healthy Child, Healthy World and 1% to World Wildlife Fund. If that isn't enough for you to not only love the rattle and also respect this company they also employ the folks at The Providence House a non-profit organization that supports developmentally disabled adults for the assembly and tagging of their products.  

Oh by the way, they don't only have rattles but they also sell flatware. So check them out. 

To Order

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And because I love giving books I chose DK's Baby Touch and Feel; I Love You book published by 
Penguin Random House. My kids used to love touch and feel books. This one is perfect for little hands and has the most adorable assortment of teddy bears, sparkly ribbon, kittens, puppies, baskets and more.  

Touch the basket for some texture

Awww fluffy puppy
Awww baby. This is the last page. Baby can see themselves in the mirror

    To Purchase you can visit Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The last item in her gift bag is this cute security blanket with a bunny rattle. I am in love with this and have purchase two of them over the past 3 years.

This is a nice size baby blanket for baby. They come in white, blue and pink and since our new little friend is a girl we got a pink one. The photos can't even get across to you just how soft these are. My daughter begs for one of her own every time she sees one in the house. The bunny rattle has a pocket to keep it in so you don't misplace your kids lovey.


To order this and so many more baby items head over to Bunnies By The Bay.

When I look at all these adorable baby gifts together I noticed they make the perfect Valentine or Easter gift for a new baby. Don't you think?

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