Friday, April 08, 2016

Got My Boobs Squished - 13 Thing You Need To Know When You Get A Mammogram

It is something I usually do in my birthday month. This year I decided to get it done earlier. If you have never had a mammogram and you are over the age of 40 I highly suggest you do it.

I have been doing it since I am 35 years old. It is uncomfortable for about 5 minutes but no more so than anything else and who can't spend 5 minutes to possibly save their own life?

What You Need To Know
  • The nurses or techs are very very nice.
  • Do not wear powder or deodorant before your mammogram (it can show up on the film and you don't need anything that could possible change the reading of your mammo if you can help it)
  • You will be asked to take off everything above your waist so wear something other than a dress. 
  • You will wear a hospital gown with the opening in the front
  • If you have any marks on your breasts or a suspicious lump or bump or will be marked with a marker or this time pretty floral stickers. I had a skin thingy done years ago. It left a scar, they covered it with a sticker. 
  • Someone will get very familiar with your breast. They need to position them certain ways and will pull or push them into the way necessary to get the best reading. They are extremely gentle.
  • They will do a forward facing picture on both breasts and a sideways pic too
  • The skin on your shoulders will be pulled. A good nurse/tech will make sure this doesn't happen as they push drop the machine's flattener. 
  • The machine will compress your breast flatter than you have ever seen it. You want this. 
  • The nurse will run to the machine, press a button and immediately the machine comes off your breast. You feel immediate relief.
  • The nurse or tech will apologize often.
  • You are told you will hear the results in a day or two
  • Get changed, tossed your gown into the dirty bin and wave goodbye praying for good news.

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