Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Travel The World This Summer With The Jigsaw Tour range From MyRealGames.com

Ambitions of traveling the world and seeing new sights can often be dampened by the increasing cost of air miles and other expenditures associated with flying to foreign lands. Those looking to explore this summer can see the wonders of many different countries for no cost at all, with the Jigsaw Tour range of PC games from MyRealGames.com.

With seven different countries waiting to be uncovered, this free to play series of classic puzzle games can take users on an unforgettable tour of highly popular destinations this holiday season.
Get those bags packed and begin the journey by piecing together a traditional red bus and helping to create an image of the famous Big Ben clock with the Jigsaw Tour London title, or why not uncover ancient history and monuments by heading to the Jigsaw Tour in Rome.

With 100 unique photographs and jigsaws available in every game, those who play can test their problem solving skills whilst discovering new landmarks, sights and scenery to add to their geographical knowledge too!

Nikolai Veselov from MyRealGames.com said, “Although many people would love to take a break from day to day life, and jet off to many exciting countries this summer, the reality of such a journey actually happening can be halted by work commitments and financial hold backs. Whilst it might not provide the sunny climates that physically traveling can bring, those who like to explore can learn more about what is out there, with the range of places on offer in our Jigsaw Tour range of PC games. All of the titles on MyRealGames.com are absolutely free to play, meaning everybody can travel the world, without the hefty price tag!”

After completing the challenges in London and Rome, players can then finish the euro trip by solving the sights of Paris and accomplishing each puzzle in Prague.

Finally, users can head further afield to explore the bright lights and oriental charm of Tokyo, Japan’s bustling capital city, or the concrete jungle of New York. From the iconic Statue of Liberty to hidden backstreets, urban buildings and downtown areas, there are hundreds of charming images with missing pieces just waiting to be finished.

Players can travel the world this summer, solving the puzzles of the Jigsaw Tour range to gain a bigger picture of worldwide culture as they go.

For more information about MyRealGames and the latest free-to-play products on offer, visit the website: http://www.myrealgames.com/

Discover the Jigsaw Tour range of games:
Rome: http://www.myrealgames.com/download-free-games/jigsaw-tour-rome/
Paris: http://www.myrealgames.com/download-free-games/jigsaw-tour-paris/
Tokyo: http://www.myrealgames.com/download-free-games/jigsaw-tour-tokyo/
New York: http://www.myrealgames.com/download-free-games/jigsaw-tour-new-york/
St Petersburg: http://www.myrealgames.com/download-free-games/jigsaw-tour-saint-petersburg/

MyRealGames is one of the USA’s premier free online gaming sites. All games are fully licensed for PCs, have unlimited gameplay time and are 100% free. The site offers a diverse range of genres meaning there is something for every online gaming lover.

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