Monday, January 25, 2016

Yes My Heart Is Blue But It Is Stunning

Reviewing products is what takes up most of my week. I have friends who love checking out my reviews and others who are dying to learn how to do this too. It is not something to go into lightly and it does take time to get products worth reviewing.

When you are a product reviewer there are many steps to getting the products and crossing them off your To Do List.
  • There is a ton of emails to get through.
  • Make sure the product came in.
  • Break the box down and get it ready for recycling.
  • Take photos of it before I open it.
  • Use the product.
  • Show my friends and ask them what they think about the product
  • Take more photos or even do a video.
  • Research the product
  • Write about the product
  • Post the product in numerous sites Amazon, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and other places.
  • Send the links over to the company that sent me the product and make sure they received they email.

Sometimes it is fast and other times a grueling task that seems to never end. I love when I can cross a product of my To Do List that is always being updated and hangs in front of my face.

This review is something that was far from grueling. It is gorgeous and I can't stop taking photos.

Isn't it stunning?!

I love wearing it and everyone who sees it loves it too!

To Order one for yourself, visit the link below. I know there is a red heart in the photo but this is for the blue heart. I promise. It is the link I used to order and if you check the description you will note the blue details.


  1. Lovely - a very unique design.

  2. Hello Maria,

    Who could NOT like this? I tell you, it's totally gorgeous! Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  3. Gorgeous. Perfect for Blue Monday. And wow you reviewed it?
    I review books. And I love it! I'd love to start reviewing products!
    I enjoyed your post!


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