Friday, September 25, 2015

Great Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


Such a great outdoor Bluetooth Speaker.

My husband spends his weekend outside doing yard and hanging out in the sun and his work shop. We have many tiny Bluetooth speakers but he has never asked to use one outside mostly because he was worried about them getting damaged, wet, or just plain dirty. This speaker is exactly what he needs. He loves that he can take it to the garage, workshop, even hang it on the go cart without worrying about it getting shattered or wet.

Besides being rugged and sturdy it has amazing sound for a small speaker. It has a range of 33 feet as well. A 6 hour battery life (we have not had to recharge it after two weekends). Charging is easy as it comes with a USB plug.

The other day I saw it hanging in the shower and he said he was listening to a concert on the radio and wanted to hear the rest so he took it in.

Perfect for camping, shops, boats, go carts, bikes, whatever. We love this little speaker and I have a feeling the rest of the house will not be able to use it as my husband has claimed it as his own.

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Disclaimer: I received this product at a deep discount. No monetary compensation was offered.

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