Sunday, September 27, 2015

Saturday Afternoon Movie: Pitch Perfect Catch Up With Goddess & Some Sour Jacks Snacks #pitchperfect2party

Yesterday Goddess and I prepared for a Pitch Perfect 2 Twitter Party by getting her up to speed with the Pitch Perfect original. I was unsure that this was a movie she should see but while planning my Pitch Perfect 2 Party a few moms were excited that their daughters would get to see the movie with us. HUH? I had no idea this was a kid movie after all it is PG13 and these girls are only 10 through 12. 

After asking some moms I heard that their daughters all watched and loved the movie and that most of the jokes were well over their heads. 

Goddess was excited to see it so we watched together cuddling in a chair in my living room. She thought it was good and was excited to see Anna Kendrick from "Twilight and The Cup Song video", well that is how she knows her anyway. 

We headed out to a friend's house (the hosting house; so much easier for this mom with a son and husband who wouldn't want to give up the TV for a girl party) with a platter of sweets, Sour Jacks, some drinks, chips, swag and more). 

When we got there the girls were really excited. They quickly put together the photo props I brought along and begged to start the movie. We kept them busy with snacks and photo ops with props. 

They had a blast and loved America’s favorite mouth puckering candy, SourJacks NEW flavors: Lemonade, Wildberry & Green Apple

The candy is so fun...I had to leave the Wildberry home for handsome because he was like "I don't want those girls to eat all the candy!"

These are so good. They are sour but so good. The lemonade actually made me close my eyes but my daughter said, they are not that bad. Maybe because she eats lemons and limes for snacks.

The girls has a great time and we had a great laugh as we sang along to so many songs that the girls were left wondering how do you guys know all these songs!

Our Pitch Perfect Twitter party was a smash as were our Sour Jack Snacks! Great time, great night, great friends.

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