Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outdoor toys – Cleaning and Organization Tips

During the Summer or when the weather is still appropriate for playing outside, children adore spending their time there using their favorite outdoor toys. If your house has suitable garden you have probably ensured the appropriate conditions so that they can spend their free time with their favorite toys, playing undisturbed with their friends.

However at the start of every Summer you need to make a thorough safety check of all the children's play equipment, which of course, includes extensive cleaning of all the items. When you regularly check the condition of the children's toys you make sure that everything is in a proper condition and that you can let them play for as long as they want. 

Remember that cleaning is essential part for preserving the outdoor toys' good appearance for a longer time. Even though you may be too preoccupied with other household tasks, pay attention to the organization and cleaning of the outdoor toys so that your children could play in an excellent environment.


The first thing to do is to take a disposable cleaning wipe to remove all the bird droppings that have incorporated on the surface of the toys. That goes for all the plastic houses and different toys that are situated outside your home. For that purpose you need to make up a bucket of soapy water with the help of washing up liquid. You can use this solution for cleaning of the plastic, wood and metal surfaces. For more serious ingrained dirt and for larger areas you can use a suitable sponge and a bristle brush to get of the dirt more quickly. After rinsing it extensively, dry the surfaces in a careful manner or you could book PerfectCleaningPaddington to do that job for you.

If you have plastic houses in your garden take into account the fact if you leave them during the Winter, the house can really suffer in an unpleasant way. The best way to clean them is to use a bleach solution to manage with all the dirt that has found its place on the plastic houses.

Another important moment that concerns the safety of the toys is to check all the nuts and bolts that may have loosen. In fact, this often happens, especially when children are constantly using the toys for their games. You need to look for fraying in ropes and for rots in the climbing frames. Check the firmness of the climbing frames by pulling on their bars.

When you have cleaned all the outside toys and when you have finished with checking of their steadiness, check again for any details that you have might missed during the cleaning process. We advise to check the play surfaces each day before children go there. If there are any trampolines or seats, supply yourself with a mop and be ready to wipe any dirt that covers them. In this way you will make your children feel really comfortable and protected.

If you really want to be sure that the safeness of the children will be guaranteed, be careful with the choice of the outdoor toys. Do not buy those ones who tend to be too dangerous or inappropriate for their age. Focus on simplified models like plastic houses that give opportunities for diverse games. You should also clean the surface from all the leaves and other garbage that could stop the children from playing their favorite games. In the Winter, we advise you to move the outdoor toys in the garage, because the bad weather can really cause a damage to the toys. When the Summer approaches, you can again take up with their installation.

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