Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thanks Nanoblock #nanoblock

Just a few quick photos for prosperity. Goddess received these really awesome items from some great folks at Nanoblock. Although she will only use the Lady Gaga toothbrush the Justin Bieber toothbrush will be going to her God sister. Goddess refuses to use it, she is adamant in her dislike for him.

Fun Easter Basket Idea for the future. Love this. I never know what to put in there now that the kids are getting older.

The Lady Gaga Toothbrush is so pretty and plays Gaga Songs for the recommended 2 minutes.

I can tell you she was very impressed with the Nanoblocks. They are so small! She loves the alligator which comes with a moving mouth which literally opens and closes. These miniature blocks are so cool!

If your kids love building with blocks they will love these challenging building kits

Check out this 570 piece British Tower and bridge at Amazon for under $29.00

And this 1540 piece Buckingham Palace for under $37.00. Head over to Amazon for more ideas

We are loving Nanoblocks and have two birthdays to shop for. We are totally getting a kit for each.

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