Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Journaling For Sanity

Over the past three months I have been journaling daily. There are just some things that don't belong on the internet for everyone to see. Journaling is something I have done since I am 9 years old with my first Holly Hobbie Diary, a Christmas gift from a family member.

This Journal isn't very big but since I was busy with life and eventually kids and my blog it houses the years 2002 - now. I find it fascinating to re-read some passages especially since it contains my months of trying to get pregnant with my first born.

Lately each passage has been less happy or hopeful but it is still fascinating to re-read. I see some turmoil, some sadness, some heartbreak, and tear stains but I also see a new dawn emerging and I pray that it only gets better from there.

I am tired of not living life to the fullest due to circumstances beyond my control! I am capable and will survive even this bump in my road. Life is good and I am good!

Do you journal? How often? I would love to know if there is anyone out there who still takes pen to paper and puts all the ugly and darkness on paper for your eyes only.


  1. I enjoyed reading your thoughts about journaling. Would like to get back to journaling soon.

  2. I used to journal but haven't for some time.


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