Monday, April 22, 2013

Wraptastic Makes Everything Fantastic - Video Review

OK it's a corny title but honestly, I truly love my Wraptastic.

As you get ready for the warm weather and picnics, consider this as Seen on TV product. Life isn't always easy but why not use a product that helps simplify things.

Wraptastic is a brand new kitchen tool that is a must have for summertime entertaining. Plastic wrap and foil can be so frustrating, yet they are necessary for transporting food outside and shielding it from bugs and dirt.

Wraptastic eliminates kitchen battles by providing a safe and easy to use container for all of your wrapping materials. From foil to plastic wrap to wax paper, Wraptastic can handle all of your wrapping needs. The stainless steel blade is recessed to protect fingers, while the rubber feet of the dispenser hold it in place while in use.

You may have seen the infomercial where someone is trying to wrap something with foil or cling wrap only to have it get stuck, clinging to everything but what you want it to cling to or someone getting cut, or even someone dropping everything as they struggle with the foil or plastic wrap while they grunt and groan. Those infomercials do nothing for me except make me laugh. Most of us can handle our aluminum foil and plastic wrap without any problems but....I do love the ease of the Wraptastic. I also love that there is a quick, clean, smooth cut. I have had many rolls of paper run across the kitchen floor and I can never get them back on the roll nicely. 

For the price of $10.99 plus S&H, this isn't a bad addition for the kitchen. FYI you can also purchase Wraptastic on Amazon  

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