Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I Am Not An Extreme Couponer But Strive To Be

Like most of us who watch Extreme Couponing and get really excited about how some of those folks can literally buy hundreds of thousands of items for a small fraction of the cost have started couponing. My system isn't great and I haven't perfected it but I am trying.

Currently we are using a photo box to store all our coupons. They are sectioned and weeded through weekly. When I walk into the store with my box full of coupons I feel good until I realize that I literally only saved anywhere from $4.00 to $30.00 and literally walked through a store with a photo box but I plan on getting better. Who couldn't use a deal?!

We are not only using clipped coupons but have started seriously using the internet to find deals on everything including our upcoming vacation. It will be the first one we take since our 1st honeymoon which was in 1998 but will be my kids very first hotel stay.

While scourging the internet for coupon resources I have found many great coupon resources.  I have heard of many of these coupon sites that I came across and even receive coupons from a few of these companies in the mail.  I usually just use the mailer coupons, but when I was searching online, I found so many coupon codes and deals that I can and will be using starting now. I even found a mobile app which I will download as soon as my new phone comes in tomorrow!

The best part about online coupon sites is that you can usually find everything in one easy to navigate place. Mother's Day is coming up and we saw discounts and coupon codes for 1800-Flowers, Blue Nile, Bed Bath and Beyond, Cardstore, Gap, Godiva, Macys, Motherhood, Target and so much more. Let the shopping begin.

Whether you are looking for Groceries, Services, automotive, personal care, entertainment, you should be able to find it all through online coupon sites!

If I find anything else interesting I will let you know and please do the same.

Keep Clipping and happy savings to you!

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