Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happiness Is My Smiling Brownies

I find being a Brownie co-leader one of my favorite things. Fortunately for me the other leader does most of the work. I get to help and play with the girls. She asked me after I kept the girls busy during our first meeting. We really are a good combination. I let her be THE LEADER who is more strict, keeps them in line while I am the one in the background assisting them and making them smile, trying to keep things fun and light. We make a great team. Listening to kids talk is something I really enjoy. There is no BS and they know how to be honest sometimes coming out with very interesting stories. Most of the girls I have known for a few years now and seeing them grow makes me smile. I LOVE THEM ALL.

My Goddess

These crowns were made courtesy of Orb Factory who sent me samples for the girls to try out. Everyone loved them and the moms thought there are a great party craft idea. Easy for even the youngest of girls. Each section has numbers which correspond with the gems. You simply unpeel the gems and stick them on the crown. As you can see they even had some extra to stick on their faces.

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