Friday, January 18, 2013

Only 11 Months Until Next Christmas Grab The Pajama Elves Book and Start A New Tradition


“The Pajama Elves” is the story of elves at the North Pole who deliver pajamas to good children on Christmas Eve. These pajamas are sewn with magical thread that guarantees that Santa can visit unnoticed. After her first was born, the author looked for holiday traditions to start with her family and came across several variations of Christmas pajama traditions. She wrote a poem that tied together several components and read it to her kids to build the excitement for their Christmas Eve delivery. Using’s CreateSpace self-publishing platform and Kindle Direct Publishing, the author wanted to share this very special tradition from her family as a nice compliment to the Christmas pajama tradition in other homes too!

The 411 by Maria:

This is a really adorable book  about those Christmas PJs that most of us get our kids for the holiday. Every year I get Handsome & Goddess new matching PJs for Christmas Eve. I have never made a ritual of it but know a lot of people who open one gift on Christmas Eve and it is their brand new PJs for Christmas. That is a really cute way of making Christmas even more special. 

In The Pajama Elves Santa has a bunch of little, tiny elves who use special thread on their Christmas PJs to make sure that kids are fast asleep when Santa arrives. The elves are deployed before Christmas to take important measurements so that the proportions are exact and the "magic" will work to make sure Santa can get there without being spotted by your little one's eyes.

Each page has a corresponding picture to go with the text of the facing page to keep kids interested in the story.

If I had this book when my kids were little I would totally use this story to go along with our Christmas PJs. This is a wonderful ritual for any family who celebrates Christmas and gives Christmas Pajamas.

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