Monday, January 14, 2013

Never Throw Out Another Pair of Sweat Pants

Restring It: Hoodie and sweats hanging loose? Restring It is the answer. Takes 20 seconds to restring any cord, strap, belt even a string bikini and you'll never have to sweat over a safety pin again!

 Come on! How cool is this. We have toss so many of our favorite sweatpants because once they lose the drawstring it's over Johnny! They are way too big and you can only look so good with your sweatpants waistband rolled down. 

Disclaimer: I received a product for my honest opinion.


  1. I tried to come up with an idea for restringing pants and could not believe no one else thought the same. I did some more searching and found Re-String IT and purchased on immediately.

    Lisa Darr.

  2. I love my sweats and would love to have this. Great idea!


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