Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Starting the Year Right With A Clean Computer

Do you usually clean your computer at the start of every year? I do, archiving video, photos, going through email and contact lists, Word documents and my book mark folders at the start of the year takes time but it gets my computer ready for the year and all the new stuff I will be acquiring over the course of the next 12 months but erasing and cleaning behind the scenes is usually something I leave to my techie husband I would never attempt a computer repair without him. He is unavailable this year since starting a new job a few months back and still getting acclimated to his new, well, everything. This year I called in the big guns. The professionals at Geeks Mobile USA.

I had never heard of this service before but loved how I didn't have to do a thing. I literally sat back and watched the pros work through my computer knowing it was in very capable hands.

This week I sat with my mom and tot group of girls telling them how I simply made a phone call, allowed them to connect to my computer and watched them go. The process took almost 2 hours but my computer is doing great and my husband didn't have to spend anytime doing it. Anytime I don't have to count on someone and can take care of something myself, I am happy even if that means picking up a phone and letting someone else do it.

Look at her...she even looks lighter..if you give them a try, let me know I would love to know what you think?


  1. Thanks so much for the info, just what my computer needs.

    Take care, Phyllis

    1. Thanks Phyllis. We always try to take care of things ourselves but this was so worth it. Can't believe how easy it was.


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