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Easy Decorating Ideas - GET THIS MAG NOW!

Introducing… Easy Decorating
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With jam-packed days (and less packed wallets), it can be difficult to find the time or money to give your home the proper makeover it deserves.  From the editors of Good Housekeeping, Redbook, Country Living, and Woman’s Day, Easy Decorating is a new collection of home makeover tips that will help turn your space into that special sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

Easy Decorating is packed with tons of inexpensive, quick and easy methods to create rooms you will love.  These step-by-step home decorating projects will teach you how to achieve great looks for less with inspiring makeovers and features that reveal how design experts use color, pattern, and texture to pull a room together.  Plus, a section on finishing touches—pillows, pictures, and other accessories—takes basic dĂ©cor to the next level. With colorful photographs and tips from top experts in the field, Easy Decorating is an enjoyable, indispensable guide for anyone looking for great, practical style.  Also be sure to enter the Easy Decorating sweepstakes for a chance to win a computerized Brother SE-400 embroidery and sewing machine to help kick start your home makeover.

Easy Decorating is available for $9.99 and can be purchased at your local supermarket, newsstand or bookstore. A digital edition is also available at or Can’t get enough? Get more access to our specials by checking out our Facebook page at

If you are looking for fun, crafty ideas for decorating, crafting, or just enjoy getting your hands involved in a product this magazine is for you.

 You can find these projects and more in this magazine. 

·        Metal ruler
·        Shoeboxes
·        Craft knife
·        Wallpaper
·        Paintbrush
·        Scrapbooking paste

STEP 1 Measure the bottom and sides of shoebox, then add 1 inch to each side; cut a piece of wallpaper to this size.

STEP 2 Use paintbrush to apply scrap-booking paste to the base of the box and center it on a piece of wallpaper.

STEP 3 Line ruler along the side of the box so it extends beyond the edge.  Cut straight along the inside edges of your ruler to make a flap that’s the exact width of the box plus 1 inch.

STEP 4 Apply paste to the long flaps of wallpaper.  Pull one long flap up and around the short end of the box.  Tuck and adhere extra paper inside the box.  Repeat on opposite side.

STEP 5 Apply paste to short flaps.  Pull short flaps up and over box edge to adhere.

STEP 6 Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for box lid.
 I have been dying to do this for Godess' bedroom. 

This easy project makes smart use of an embroidery hook and store-bought curtains. 

STEP 1 Unscrew a plastic 10-inch embroidery hoop; discard the inner ring. 

STEP 2 Slide two 44” by 96” rod-pocket curtain panels onto the hook and screw it back together.

STEP 3 Take two 24-inch lengths of ½-inch-wide ribbon and tie one end of each (with a double knot) onto the hoop at the gaps between the curtains. 

STEP 4 Tie the ribbons’ loose ends together in a bow. 

STEP 5 Screw a pot-rack hook into your ceiling. 

STEP 6 Slip the center of the bow over the hook to hang.

Photos courtesy of Hearst Magazines.

It’s time to get inspired! 

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