Friday, July 06, 2012

What Won Best Female Product This Year?

Well now...look at all that beautiful makeup or is it????!! the uneducated eye, it could be a beautiful collection of high end cosmetics that would cause makeup wearing women everywhere to ask "where did you get?" while they spot an unglamorous shade of envy green.  Who could blame them? When I first saw the Studio Collection, I swore that someone was asking me to review makeup and I was thrilled. I never buy makeup anymore and that would have been a welcome change from book reviews but atlas, it was something better than makeup.

In fact, the Screaming O Studio Collection just won the Best Female Product 2012.

The Studio Collection includes a Lipstick, Mascara, Makeup Brush vibrator; cooling &  warming enhancement balms in an eye shadow compact; stimulation gel in a lip gloss tube; a compact with a bullet vibe inside; and a makeup bag to carry it all and I received it in a beautiful black box, with a red bow around it. is the TMI information, are you ready? All have been tried and it was F-U-N.
We love how that they are small and the whole collection is easily hidden from nosey little ones.
We love that there are different speeds and that even at the highest speed, they are so QUIET! This is a huge plus especially with kids in the house. As they get older it will be even more important. We don't need them knowing what mommy and daddy are up to and we suspect it is the last thing they would want to know too!

The products are very attractive. Great packaging and I love looking at them! Really stunning.

We do not have a favorite! They are all great.

We think these vibrators are great gifts especially for newly weds or bridal showers.

Want to hear one of them? Watch my video! the now for the really important information. Where can you buy your very own? Well at The Screaming O silly. Plus there is a lot more to choose from there too! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary package for the purpose of this review.


  1. Oh my...what an amazingly fun package of goodies! And so MANY...wonder how much free time this company thinks you have?! Hehehe. Seriously, though, what awesome gifts these would make for girlfriends!

  2. That is a totally awesome package!
    And you are right, so pretty.


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