Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Umm...Summer - Eat, Live, Love and Be Happy

Healthy Summer Cocktail Recipes

Cherry Mojito – This light, refreshing cocktail is perfect to help beat the summer heat.  The mint and lime keep it flavorful, while still being light on the calories.

·         Pitted, sweet cherries
·         Mint
·         Lime juice
·         Light Rum
·         Club soda
·         Grenadine (optional)

·         Muddle together cherries, mint, and lime juice.  
·          Add ice, and 2 oz. light rum.
·          Shake together and top with club soda or sparkling water.

For something a little sweeter, add a splash of grenadine when you muddle the cherries.

Cucumber Basil Martini – This delicious cocktail is a perfect to choice to serve guests at a summer party.  The cucumber and lime keep it refreshing, while still being a great low calorie beverage.

·         Cucumber chopped or sliced
·         Basil
·         Cucumber vodka
·         White Cranberry juice
·         Lime wedges
·         Simple syrup (optional)

·         Muddle together cucumber and basil with 1-2 lime wedges.
·         Add ice, followed by 2 oz. of Cucumber vodka.
·         Shake.
·         Add splash of White Cranberry juice, shake again and serve.

Again, for something sweeter, add a splash of simple syrup.  Make this cocktail without it for a healthier alternative.

BBQing Tips
·         Simply mix your favorite spices with olive oil and salt into a thin (brushable) paste.  Brush on the hamburgers or steaks when grilling the second side.  Tip: You can hold off on flavoring the first side, as the meat may get stuck on the grill and be hard to clean.
·         Add more flair by putting toothpick flags of the countries represented into the meat when grilling is done. 
·         Before guests arrive, caramelize onions and peppers in a sauté pan with a bit of salt and oil.  The aroma will smell great as guests arrive and they make for great toppings.

Suggested Flavors to Enhance BBQ Fare:
·         Curry paste to add Indian flavor
·         Cayenne or hot pepper and cilantro for a South-of-the Border influence
·         Paprika and garlic for an Eastern European twist
·         Lemon and garlic for a Greek-inspired meal
·         Hummus or tahini for Middle Eastern taste

A seasonal side that will “Wow” Guests:
·         Place local corn (husk and all) on the grill for approximately 10 minutes, rotating the corn until most of the husk is lightly charred.  The corn inside will have a delicious grilled flavor without the charring or burning.  For toppings, add dried spices to salt or fresh herbs to butter.  Basil, parsley and dill are readily available during the summer months.

Summer Party Décor
  • What to choose for your centerpieces. Fresh flowers as centerpieces are a simple way to make your space feel special and inviting for guests.  Better yet, choose what’s in season!  July is a great time for calla lilies, gerbera daisies, hydrangeas and roses.
  • How to furnish your event: Rather than change all of your furniture for one event, purchase some affordable, brightly colored throw pillows that match your theme.  They look great on couches and armchairs, and large pillows can also double as floor seating.
Tip from Ms. Ricky Eisen a premier NYC-based caterer and event planner with more than 35 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. She’s the Founder and President of Between the Bread, one of Manhattan’s most renowned and prestigious corporate catering companies. Whether you are in need of a healthy, refreshing cocktail recipe, trendy flavors for BBQing, or some fun outdoor décor options, Ricky has the perfect tips for any summer party

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