Saturday, November 12, 2011

Guest Post by Author Jewel Katas

I am thrilled to present this guest post from Jewel Kats author of Cinderella’s Magical Wheelchair and What Do You Use to Help Your Body?

Encouraging Children and Building Self Confidence by Jewel Kats

Confidence can’t be bought at a candy shop.

Material means just don’t stand a shot at winning this lot.

Holding your head high defies gravity. It doesn’t rely on physical abilities, but rather the predicament of one’s self-esteem. Confidence is an intangible substance that grows with love, psychological nourishment, and encouraging applause.

Read: Your child deserves this.

As a children’s author, I often observe little ones keenly to capture them on a written page. I’m taught to try to imagine the world through their eyes. You should do the same. Now, don’t go trying to stuff your feet into a kiddie shoe.

FYI: It’s not time for another Cinderella story! Rather, try to pinpoint the biggest challenges in your child’s life.

Imagine school pressures. Imagine peer pressure. Imagine pressures related to family dynamics. Imagine extra-curricular activity pressures. As you can see, your child lives in his/her own complex realm, too.

It’s only fair that you’re there to help. Offer praise. Offer an ear. Offer wisdom. Most importantly, offer a pat on the back---even if an end result isn’t what you expected. Effort deserves encouragement. This in turn, builds confidence.

By becoming a fan of your little one, they become a fan of their own. We have enough enemies. Take the time to teach your child to be comfortable in their own skin. They will thank you for lifetime

I love the basic advice. Cut and dry, stating exactly what kids want from us.  They WANT us, our time, our encouragement. Being my kids fan makes me happy. They are amazing each in their own way. I appreciate everything about them, even when they make me crazy because I know they feel safe enough to voice their opinion or disagreement.

To find out more about Jewel and her books, visit her website Jewel Kats


  1. This is a great post with so many ideas and tips. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for hosting Jewel Kats on your blog and for such a wonderful guest post. Lots of great stuff for parents and teachers to use.


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