Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday Gift Idea - Computer Game from Dig-It - Roman Town

On Friday I wrote about a Holiday Party I hosted thanks to Mom Select. Thanks to Mommy Parties and Dig-it Games, I was able to show my guests a really awesome, educational, different game called Roman Town

Roman Town: The world’s best Interactive Archaeology Computer Game for kids ages 8 to 88
Have all the fun of a real archaeological excavation without getting your hands dirty!

    * Dig in and participate in a full excavation from start to finish
    * Find authentic artifacts at a real dig site
    * Learn about Roman Daily Life – accurate, historical information
    * Replay for hours of Archaeological fun and learning
    * Fun for the whole family – from 8 to 88 years old
    * Buy Roman Town HERE!

I had the computer set up and the ladies gathered around for a quick tutorial of the game before playing alone.


We each took a turn digging and reading about the various items we dug up. You select a location, decide which item you want to use to dig and put your diggers to work. When they find something they give you a little speech bubble. Click the bubble and get to sweeping. As you sweep with your mouse the item unveils itself. Then you read a bit about what you uncovered. You can read further or get back to digging.

After you have found everything you are taken to a sorting section where you sort all your finds. After that you will reconstruct and log your items into a journal entry. So fun. 

There is even a section where you compare the items you found to today's counterparts. I had a bit of trouble with this at first. Wow. Very interesting.

My favorite part is the reconstruction puzzles and trying to figure out how to make the reports. My kids love the digging and sorting parts.

You can definitely learn a lot from playing Roman Town and found it very educational but more importantly, interactive. Which means kids will play longer.

The ladies at the party thought the game was really great and they also loved the gifts they received along with a coupon code for the game.


Growing up my husband and I wanted to be archaeologists, this is a great game for exploring and learning about a culture from so many years ago.

What I love about Mommy Parties beside the fact that I get to sit and chat with my girlfriends over cake and coffee but we also learn about items that we would have never seen before. We all agree that it would have been sad to have missed out on this interactive game.

Who knows, maybe one of our children will decide to be an archaeologists because of this game. You never know!

You can find Roman Town on my 2010 Holiday Gift Guide and if you want to purchase one, the sponsors have generously offered a  20% off with coupon code BLOG20 valid through 1/31/11

Disclaimer: I received a computer game version of this game and 10 coupons to give to my friends to try the game out for themselves. No monetary compensation was involved.


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  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Great post. Thank you for inviting me. You introduced to us women different toys and games we never heard of. Thats why we love you.


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