Saturday, December 04, 2010

Frito Lay Fan For Life

My family are all big crunch snack fans and we all have our favorites.

My husband loves Doritios
My son loves "corn crunchies" or Cheetos
My daughter loves Lays potato chips
and I love Hot and Spicy BBQ.

So when I had the opportunity to become a Frito Lay Fan I entered. I was fortunate enough to receive one of the best packages yet! A recyclable bag full of Frito Lay products, a chip clip, and a water bottle. Got to have your water around when eating Hot and Spicy chips.

I also received this cool I love Frito-Lay badge to post on my blog.

We opened the bags literally before I could collapse the box it was all mailed in but here is a picture provided by Frito Lay for you all to see.

We must buy at least $15.00 of Frito Lay products every week. Salt and crunch are for us.

Another reason we love Frito Lay is because they are concerned with the plant and have come up with a bag to reduce the waste that makes its way into our landfills.  While the bags are noisy, (we suggest putting them in bowls if you are snacking after the kids are down for the night) they are made from renewable, plant based materials. Currently it is only SunChips® Original flavor bags made this way, but this is the first step to a cleaner, healthier, world.

Disclaimer: I received this complimentary package from Frito Lay with no monetary compensation.


  1. Yes, those Sun Chips bags CANNOT be opened during nap time at my house because they are too loud, but honestly the could package them in dirty socks and I'd still be tempted to eat them. Love the cheddar ones!

  2. hahaha...well really love your Sun Chips.


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