Saturday, May 16, 2009

Small Talk Six

Join the MomDot.Com meme called Small Talk Six and give 6 pieces of advice that you think are obvious, but some people just need to hear:

1. Always say thank you when someone gives you something even if they are just handing you a napkin.

2. Say excuse me when you burp! Everyone understands that sometimes those pockets of gas creep up on us, but have some respect.

3. Say please when asking for something. If you are not going to say, Can you get me a napkin" then say, "Get me a napkin "please."

4. Say hello to people you pass along the way. The person walking toward you at the post office or someone getting a cart at the same time you are. It is ok to be friendly.

5. Hold a door for someone you don't know. It is nice to respect and be helpful to others.

6. Do not throw your trash on the ground for any reason. If you brought it in, bring it out. It is disgusting to bring your kids to a park and see someone's litter all over the place.

It costs you nothing to use your manners and to respect others.

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  1. I grew up in a big city and nobody said hello when you passed them.
    Now I live in a small city and everyone says hello.

    Your Sat. 9's- cute kitty :)


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