Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Want for Christmas

1-An Ipod (seriously I am tired of listening to static radio and old cassettes).

2-An SLR Camera (Damn it, I deserve a new camera! I know people who have awesome cameras but never take them out. Mine will not go to waste.)

3-Sirius Radio (Before kids we had a nice stereo and we listened to music all the time. Now, I listen to the free channels on my cable tv.)

4-A dock with speakers for the Ipod (What is the sense of having an Ipod without one?)

5-A Lensbaby for my new camera (see here)

6-Sewing machine

7-Scrapbook Case

8-Wii Game - Active Life Outdoor Challenge

9-Jillian Michael Fitness Wii Game

10-Sims 2 Apartment Living

11-Laptop bag (Pretty chicky type)

12-Cooling unit for my laptop

13-Pink Tool Kit (Because I can take care of myself and am tired of searching for my husband's tools)

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  1. I wouldn't mind having a few of those things myself, especially a sewing machine! Hope Santa is good to you this year.

  2. This is a great list. I will have to make one for myself too! Happy TT!

  3. The men in my life would just take my pink tools! I had an iPod until it was stolen. Pretty much everything on your list I want. Maybe I'll just print if out for my husband! :) Hope you get it all...


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