Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Amateur Book Review - Sweet Life

Last night I finished the second book written by Hawaiian author, Mia King entitled Sweet Life.

Sweet Life is about successful, 40 year old Marissa Price whose husband gets offered a job with his firm in Hawaii. He talks her into moving there after they spend a week enjoying the sights. She believes this will be just what she needs to reconnect with her husband and daughter and finally be a stay at home mom.

They buy a fixer upper home, her husband starts spending a lot of time at the gym and pointing out their differences. Just as the lightbulb goes off in her head he blindsides her with an "I need some time" comment.

Heartbroken, Marissa asks him to leave the house and it is then that I feel the book really takes off. Marissa finds a new life with some other wayward women and together they fix up the house, help each other out, homeschool their kids together and make a family.

I am always drawn to female friendships. There is nothing like having girlfriends.

The characters are real and the story possible. A great chick lit book. Looking to throw the covers over yourself and take to the couch for a quick, enjoyable read. This is the book.

I will be heading over to Amazon today to order her first book, Good Things and I eagerly await book 3 coming out next year.


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