Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'm Sorry

Yesterday I had put just a touch of diluted hot sauce on my son's pacifier to make it a little less appealing. It worked and he didn't want it even though it was at the ready. He would occasionally pick it up and try it but then say "cocky" and put it down. So as it got closer to bed time he was entering 5-6 hours of withdrawal and nothing was easy for him. While in the midst of a minor tantrum he knocked my cup of water out of my hand. I had been trying to give it to him because he had just put his pacifier in his mouth and figured he might have needed a little water. As the cup went flying and the sip of water that had been left in it hit the carpet my son for the first time ever said, "I'm sorry!"

Sitting here typing and remembering I actually think it was "sorry" but it was so sweet, so clear, and more importantly so unsolicited that it made me tear up. Such a good boy! Mommy loves you Baby boy.

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