Wednesday, March 01, 2006

American Idol - The Top 10 Guys

“Wooooo” my man Taylor Hicks started it off with the Commodores “Easy.” I love Lionel Richie. There is nothing this guy can’t sing. His sound is so soothing to me. He did a great job! I can’t wait to see what kind of career he has. Taylor will do great even without idol. While the judges talked about song choice and Randy mentioned pitch problems (I didn’t hear any), I though it was a great song choice. This dude is original!!!

Elliott Yamin sang a Stevie Wonder song. I don’t know the name but do know the song. I liked his rendition and think Elliott has a really good voice. His voice is pleasant but I prefer not to look at him. Randy gave him props. Paula talked about it being a hard song but that he did great. Simon told him that it was a good performance and that he can see that his confidence is up. He also mentioned that he cannot win the competition with a song like that.

Little cutie Ace Young sang “If I am not made for you” by Daniel Bettingfield. I love this song. The words are so pretty and Ace baby you can sing to me anytime. Oh sorry, I digress…Ace did a good job but I agree with Simon, I thought he struggled a lil bit but who cares!

Gideon McKinney I don’t know the friggin song, sorry! I know it was by Sam Cooke but that is it. I was busy typing about Ace’s performance. I think Gideon did a good job. I wasn’t watching but I was listening and I felt like I was listening to a professional singer. He was impeccable! The judges all liked his performance.

Kevin “Mr. Lisp” Covais sang Marvin Gaye’s “Heard it through the Grapevine.” Yikes! What can I say, a skinny, little white boy singing Marvin Gaye. He basically sounded well, like a skinny, little white boy singing Marvin Gaye. I am not sure what’s up with the judges minus Simon. I was so glad that he finally spoke up after Paula and Randy talking about how great Kevin was, or infectious, or funny. Simon said started with, “this is la la land before telling Kevin that although he likes him, the song wasn’t that great.

Sway sang “Overjoyed” by Steve Wonder. He started out weak and it got a tiny bit better at the chorus but I was bored. The judges agreed!

Will Makar will did “Lady” by Kenny Rogers. He sounded great to me. His voice was strong and sweet at the same time. I thought the song was perfect for him and if he was my son (scary to think I am old enough to be his Mommy). I didn’t agree with the judges. I thought Will did an awesome job.

Bucky Cumington sang Garth Brooks “The Thunder Rolls.” I hate Garth but I love this song! I know, I know…how could I hate Garth. I can’t explain it. It is his big head or something.

David Radford sang some old song…I can’t remember I was busy looking for the original Thunder Rolls for my husband to hear. He was ok. My husband hates this sound and keeps saying, “this guy has to go.”

Chris Daughtry sang Hemmorage by Fuel. I f’in love Fuel. I would have liked for him to do Shimmer but Hemmorage is great too. This guy can do no wrong. I would like to just shout out songs for Chris to sing.

Staind – It’s been awhile or really any Staind song.
Creed – My Own Prison
Nickelback – You Remind Me
Incubus – Drive
Foo Fighters – There goes my Hero

The judges of course loved him! He is friggin good what’s not to love!

If I was voting tonight it would have to be for Chris followed by Taylor and Bucky.

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