Thursday, March 02, 2006

American Idol - Live Elimination Round 2

American Idol music cues. We are told that 4 people will be voted off. I think it will be Sway, David, Brenna and Kinnik. Ryan informs us that there were 48 million votes. I need to buy stock in the phone company!

We are made to suffer through a Brady Bunch Variety Hour rendition of "Love the one you're with."

Carrie Underwood comes back to sing "Jesus take the wheel." The hair is overdone and the dress is too fartsy but she is a good singer and I do love the song which was #1 on the country charts for like 6 weeks.

Ryan tells the top row; Lisa, Ayla, Katherine and Mandisa they are safe. Moving to the bottom row he tells Kinnik and Brenna they are in the bottom three. Kelly and Paris are told they are safe which leaves my girl Melissa and Heather. Oh God, please let it be Heather! It is.

Brenna, Kinnik and Heather are standing center stage and Brenna is informed that she had the lowest number of votes. Gasp! I'm shocked! Not!

Brenna performances and reinforces the fact that America made the right choice. Insert me sticking my fingers down my throat.

We return from commercial break with Kinnik and Heather standing with Ryan waiting to hear who will be leaving. It is Heather. I am actually shocked because I was sure it would be Kinnik.

Heather and her (I love it!) Lady Godiva hair sing "Hero" and we go to break.

Time for the guys; Bucky, Ace, and Elliott are safe. Sway who was sitting with them is told that he is in the bottom 3. Taylor and Chris are safe (No shit) which leaves Kevin and Will. I form pray hand and chat, "please let it me Kevin, please let it be Kevin." I told you I was a geek! Yippy it is! The audience gives a collective gasp. Please people! What is the Kevin thing? I don't understand it. Even Jennifer Love Hewitt was on Ellen today praising him and how she wishes he was her little brother. PLEASE!!

David has the lowest number of votes and my husband says "I don't want to hear him sing again." You have to feel like the biggest tool when you are singing the song that got you voted off. The girls swarm the stage followed by the guys. Chicks are teary, everyone is hugging.

Back from break and Sway and Kevin are standing. Simon, when asked by Ryan who will be leaving says it will be Sway. Sway is told that he is leaving. I really don't have to watch anymore but I do. Sway sings, everyone comes to the stage, hugging, winking, credits.

Time to change a diaper and put the child to bed.

Goodnight and good luck.


  1. I am THRILLED to see I'm not the only person blogging about AI!!!

    Was Paula not whacked out of her mind????

  2. I would really like to smell what is in her Coca Cola glass. I am pretty sure it is not coke or water.


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