Monday, October 02, 2023

October Is Here! #october #autumn

October is by far my favorite month. I love the crisp mornings filled with dew and bright sun streaming through the colorful leaves that are preparing for their slow descent to the ground. My backyard creek is full and the waterfall sounds amazing. Currently the morning temps have been in the 50s and I am loving it. The highest expected today is 74. Where do I have to go to have that my every day temperature?

There is something about the sounds of the crickets, the breeze blowing my curtains open,  the quiet of the workday where everyone else seems to be working on the block except my family who are all at home today. Joe took the day to do some yard and house work. I am taking a test and bringing my son to a meeting. My son is walking while he gets ready for his next class, and my daughter is in her online class. 

I should take more time to just sit and enjoy the sounds I am hearing right now. To be in the moment and allow myself to just be! No guilt. No feelings of get this or the other thing done because you have so much to do you cannot be sitting right now. It is okay to sit. I do know this but my personality doesn’t allow me to relax especially if others are moving around and seem to be working. Why do I feel like sitting down and breathing, existing equals laziness?

If you are reading this, I hope you take time for yourself today. I hope you just relax for even 15 minutes reminding yourself that it is okay to just exist for a moment. Everything can and will wait until you are ready to get to it.

Have a blessed day.

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