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Lash Lift Aftercare - How to Maintain Your Gorgeous Lashes

Whether your client has just left your salon with a beautiful lash lift or tint, these little-known lash care rules will help their treatment last longer!

For the first 48 hours, avoid anything that might cause your client to get their lashes wet. Moisture can relax the lash lift and change its results!

Brush Daily

A lash lift is a beauty treatment that curls and lifts your natural eyelashes for an elegant, fluttery look without extensions or falsies. It’s a relatively low-maintenance procedure that can last several weeks, but you should be careful about how you treat your eyes after getting one.

To get the most out of your lash lift near me, brush daily with a cleanser and a moisturizer. Avoid any products that are too oily or have exfoliating ingredients that could irritate your eye area, and don’t use a conditioner on your lashes, as this will cause the curl to weaken.

Taking special care of your lashes for the first 48 hours after your appointment is also necessary. Touching them, rubbing them, and oil-based products are all major no-nos, and you should sleep on your back to prevent lash loss. Also, it would help if you avoided saunas and steam treatments, which can dry out your lashes.

Oil Your Lashes

The best thing you can do for your lashes is to nourish them daily. Especially if your treatment included tinting, you’d want to keep those colors vibrant by avoiding sunlight and reapplying the paint when it wears off.

Using a cleanser and moisturizer formulated explicitly for eyelashes is also a good idea. These can be found online or in stores. These products are made without harsh ingredients and prepared to protect lashes. Ensure you choose an oil-free option to avoid contaminating the adhesive bonding agent used during your lash lift and tint appointment.

Finally, avoiding getting your lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours following your lash lift and tint appointment is essential. This prevents a potential stinging sensation and can weaken the lift results. That means no showers, no swimming, and avoiding steamy or sweaty environments like spin classes and saunas. It’s better to go barefaced and product-free for two days to give your lash lift the most extended lifespan possible.

Avoid Water

During a lash lift, the esthetician will apply silicone pads to your lower lid and a solution that makes your eyelashes curl upwards. Your eyelashes will look droopy for the first few hours afterward, but they’ll eventually recover.

The most important thing to do is avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24-48 hours. This means showering and using makeup carefully to avoid getting water near your eyes or lashes. It’s also essential to prevent steamy environments, hot showers, saunas, and prolonged exposure to sunlight, as this can degrade your lashes’ shape and tint.

Additionally, avoiding oily skin products can help your new lashes look their best. Try blotting papers, and use an oil-fighting cleanser or moisturizer to keep your complexion as matte as possible. This will also help to prevent clumping of your lashes.

Avoid Sunlight

Sunlight and heat can affect lash glue. If you are in the sun, ensure you are covered with a stylish hat or sunglasses to avoid direct sunlight on your lashes. This can weaken the glue bond and cause lash loss.

You can also apply a moisturizer with ingredients that promote healthy eyelashes and hair growth. Some good options are cucumber, coconut oil, and coffee beans. Just use a gentle formula that contains no oils or perfumes, as these can irritate the delicate eye.

Another way to keep your lashes looking good is to avoid smoking and BBQs as they emit smoke, which can singe your lashes. Also, try not to rub your eyes, which can cause lash loss.

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