Sunday, August 20, 2023

Best Journaling Supplies 2023

Journaling is great for the soul. If you love writing, memory keeping, scrapbooking or just creating these are my favorite picks thus far.

Gorgeous Steam Punk Inspired Quill Set - $25.99

Comes with: 1 quill pen,1 bottle of ink Black, 1 heart shaped pen holder, 5 replaceable stainless steel in 

different sizes, 1 envelope, 1 antique type paper, 1 bookmark, 1 "gear design" Seal Stamper,

1 bottle of *color wax beads, 1 white candle, 1 melting spoon, 1 envelope opener

I absolutely love it! The set is not only beautiful but full of everything you need to write like Ms.

Whistledown in Bridgeton.

It just feel amazing to use a quill and dip into the ink.

My Review:

Beautiful Steam Punk set. I am in love with the look. The pen, ink, letter opener, heart shape pen holder are

PERFECT. These are not just extra pen tips as stated but different sizes so you can do thin to thicker writing. 

Great starter set. The ink is quality, and the tips holds ink. This fountain pen is even better than my more 

expensive pen.

The book marker was too tight on my journal and made a mark but it is pretty cool.

I love the idea of the candle, wax in a jar and the spoon for melting the wax but do not do it. We have used 

wax melting in the past and know how to to. The spoon got very hot and turned black on the bottom. I won’t 

be using it again to melt wax. The wax didn’t melt enough to liquify to be perfectly pourable. It was thick and 

stringy. We used the stamper to press it anyway, but the stamp wouldn’t come off the wax. Eventually it tore 

the paper.

With these few flaws I do think this could be a great starter set. The aesthetics are on point. I love the way it

looks. Worth it for the pen, ink, stamper, letter opener, holder and pen tips

Beautiful Stickers $12.99

I am in love with everything about these stickers. The

 box is pretty, the stickers are stunning. I really cannot 

wait to use some of them and have so many ideas. They

are truly inspired my future layouts.

There are 100 stickers which includes two sets of each 

stickers. 50 Different beautiful girl stickers and a spare.

They graphics are pretty, I didn’t see any blur or weird 

lines or coloring. There are so many 

ways these can be used on your mixed media, phone 

case, laptop, notebooks, journals,

scrapbooks or whatever.

Definitely will purchase more from this company now that

I have seen the amazing quality.

Vision Board Book Full Of Colorful Photos To Inspire 
You. $18.95

This book has everything you could ever want for your

vision boards, journaling, scrapbooking or 

whatever. I love adding my own photos but sometimes I 

need a certain photo based on a feeling or

thought. This is the book! 

There are over 800 pictures from babies, graduation, new 

homes, work, travel, friendship, money, pregnancy and way 


There is an 8 x 10 of a beautiful photo and then smaller 

versions including that 8 x 10 photo.

The pages are perforated so you can easily tear them out 

and cut what you want. 

I love it!

2 Inch Circle Cutter $12.99

This circle cutter makes 2” circles out of any paper.
Easy to use. There is a tiny marker on the side of the cutter so you can make sure you have a complete circle.
Easy push and the bottom stores all your circles until you are ready to use. Slide the bottom and remove the 

Great for journaling, art journaling or any use where you need to make a 2” circle.

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