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3 Methods Chiropractors Use in Pain Management

Chiropractors use several methods to help patients manage their pain. These include spinal mobilization, Gonstead method, and the activator device. The goal of each method is to stretch the lumbar spine and alleviate pain. Here are some examples of these methods.

Gonstead Method

The Gonstead method is a gentle, accurate, and precise chiropractic technique for pain management. This technique is used to correct vertebrae that are misaligned and ensure that they are in a biomechanically correct position. Practitioners of this technique analyze a patient's case history and evaluate their spinal alignment through x-rays, visualization, and static and motion palpation.

A Gonstead chiropractor begins with a fundamental principle of biomechanics. For example, an engineer knows how important it is to have a strong foundation for a building to be long-lasting and durable. If the foundation is weak or shifts slightly, a structure will not stand up and collapse. The Gonstead method is based on low-force techniques targeting specific spine areas.

First, the chiropractor will assess the range of motion and examine the muscles to correct misalignments. Once this is determined, the chiropractor will use electromechanical impulses to correct the misalignment.

Chiropractic subluxations are caused by misalignments of vertebrae in the spinal column. Misaligned vertebrae strain the spine and prevent it from functioning properly. It can result in an endless list of ailments. The Gonstead technique corrects these problems by restoring joint function and mobility.

A chiropractor's treatment plan will vary depending on the patient's type of condition. Typically, a chiropractic treatment plan includes a combination of manual joint therapy, massage, stretching exercises, and soft-tissue therapies. The Gonstead adjustment is one of the most popular methods used by chiropractors. Realigning the spine reduces pain and inflammation.

Spinal Mobilization

A spinal mobilization is a common form of treatment that chiropractors use to help relieve pain and prepare the spine for adjustments. This method uses gentle, low-force thrusts to help the spine condition and reduce stress. In addition, chiropractors use their fingertips to pull misaligned vertebrae apart gently and can also use a manual tool called an "activator" to help the spine move.

Spinal mobilization is often used to treat disc injuries and can help reduce inflammation in the spine. A patient will lie on a specially designed table while the chiropractor flexes the spine in a pumping rhythm to move the disc away from the nerve and reduce pain.

Another method chiropractors use is "tilt drop," which involves applying downward pressure to a spine joint. This type of manipulation is relatively safe, and the only side effect is temporary muscle soreness. Another common technique is Cox Flexion-Distraction, which uses broad strokes to stretch and pull vertebrae into alignment gently.

Spinal mobilization can also be used as an alternative medicine treatment. Gentle pressure is applied to the spine to encourage free spinal fluid flow. This method is often a good option for pain management and can help reduce a patient's disability index and numeric pain rating score.

Activator Device

The activator device is a method chiropractors use to treat musculoskeletal pain. It uses controlled force to adjust joints and retrain ligaments without causing tense muscles. The device's gentle force can even be applied to small areas, such as wrists and ribs. This allows for better nerve and fluid flow.

This technique has many benefits over manual chiropractic adjustments. Activator technology delivers gentle chiropractic adjustments much faster than the human body can, allowing chiropractors to treat specific, localized areas of pain without causing undue stress. It also requires less force than manual techniques, meaning patients perceive it gentler. Activator technology also requires a small investment in additional equipment and maintenance. This can make it more expensive, however.

Chiropractors use the activator device to correct spinal subluxations, which can cause joint pain and stiffness. It is also used to reduce inflammation and pain in the affected area. It is an effective method of pain management for both children and adults.

The activator device is a small, spring-loaded instrument that delivers a gentle impulse to the spinal joint. These small impulses adjust vertebrae with just enough force to correct misalignments. This technique is safe for the patient and does not interfere with their recovery.

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