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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Baby's First Christmas

Fisher Price Little People Nativity Set - I still have my children's which is exactly the same as this one from 19 years ago and they still love it.

  • Share the spirit of the season and recreate the holy nativity with this toddler-friendly Little People playset
  • Includes stable, manger, 12 Little People figures & 5 accessory pieces
  • Press down on the angel to hear a song and see the star light up
  • Figures and pieces sized just right for small hands to grasp and move, helping to strengthen fine motor skills
  • For toddlers and preschool kids ages 1-5 years

Babies love looking at the Christmas tree but NOT touching it is sometimes difficult. Why not give them their own little tree that has it's own storage, doesn't need watering or electricity and helps with fine motor skills too. I love this adorable, soft tree from Mud Pie. TO PURCHASE

My First Sports Bag is the perfect gift for that family that is hoping for a future sports enthusiast.

Little Bipsy

Price: Varies

Little Bipsy is a modern and unique baby/toddler apparel collection for your little styler. Fashions are designed in-house by mompreneur Brittani Little, focusing on quality, comfort, and everyday style.

Mercurii Baby

Price: $15.00+

Mom-founder, Gabi, verifies that each of her sources use 100% certified organic to create a healthy, stylish and affordable lifestyle for your little one with Mercurii Baby’s clothes, bedding and more!


On the best selling list for a long time now! It is worth it the time! Reading is fundamental. Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is fantastic!

Ask Yourself This: Ultimate Life Lessons From And For My Girlfriends (A 60-Day Journal Challenge) by Shari Leid

[Capucia Publishing; September 27, 2022; 9781954920408; $17.95]
Find connection, confidence, and happiness with the 60 powerful questions featured in Ask Yourself This: Ultimate Life Lessons From And For My Girlfriends (A 60-Day Journal Challenge), the third and final book in author and life coach Shari Leid’s inspiring Friendship series. Ask Yourself This takes you on a journey of self-discovery as you reflect and journal through its pages. Shari asks simple life questions that lead to thought-provoking answers, prompting life-changing conversations you’ve probably never had before.

I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women: Affirmations for Self-Care and Empowerment by G. Michelle Goodloe

[Ulysses Press; December 2021; 9781646043279; $15.95]
Practice self-love, embrace mindfulness, and build a positive daily ritual with inspiring prompts, meditations, and reflections just for Black women. I Own My Magic: Self-Talk for Black Women: Affirmations for Self-Care and Empowerment by G. Michelle Goodloe, LCSW is a guided journal filled with practices of self-care that will encourage you to honor your true power, live life to the fullest, and show strength in everything you do. A celebration of Black female identity, this book contains a huge dose of confidence in a small, convenient package and includes quotes to empower you and fuel you for success, reflective prompts that challenge you to live as your most authentic self, and inspiring words of wisdom on today’s Black female experience.


The 369 Manifestation Journal: A 52-Week Guide to Using Divine Numbers and Law of Attraction Techniques to Manifest Your Desires by Berni Johnson
[Ulysses Press; August 2022; 9781646043613; $16.95]
Tap into your inner power every week with this undated guided journal and learn how to use the law of attraction; divine numbers 3, 6, and 9; and mindful writing exercises to create the life you want! Journaling can be a powerful tool for clearing your mind and prioritizing self-care. This journal combines your mindful writing practices with the magic of 369 manifestation to create a whole new way to envision the life you want. Inside The 369 Manifestation Journal you’ll learn all about the history of the law of attraction, the connection to Nikola Tesla, and how to use the 369 manifestation technique. Also known as the “secret to the universe,” this approach involves scripting your desires three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night. Then, dive into weekly journal prompts and affirmations designed to help you unite with the universe and fill your next year with everything you desire. 

The Self-Love Planner: Reflection Prompts, Empowering Exercises, and Daily Inspiration for Your Personal Growth Journey by Dr. Shainna Ali
[Ulysses Press; August 2022; 9781646043583; September 2022]

Infuse a daily dose of self-love into your life and foster genuine happiness with this easy-to-use, undated planner from the author of The Self-Love WorkbookDr. Shainna Ali. Packed with interactive prompts and exercises, this year-long companion walks you through the self-love process, including key elements like purposefulness, wellness, and boundaries. This keepsake hardcover planner will lay the foundations of self-love over the course of a year and give you the tools you need to maintain your self-love journey for many more to come. Inside, you will learn about the seven segments of self-love; set your intentional foundation for the year ahead; explore a new focus area each month; deepen your practice with weekly prompts and activities; encounter checkpoints to recalibrate your path; and reflect on how far you have come, where you are, and where you wish to go. Created by a mental health counselor, educator, and advocate, The Self-Love Planner is designed with proven strategies and tools to help you understand the breadth of self-love, maintain alignment, and embrace your full potential.


BUDDY BEAT LIGHT w/Call Answering-Give the gift of light, music and freedom in their stocking! If you have any extreme winter sports fanatics or someone who is active outside all year around including the colder seasons then Buddy Beat Light is the perfect stocking stuffer! This wonderfully engineered wearable has built-in bluetooth for listening to music, podcasts or to answer calls AND illuminates the way! Wear around the neck while snowboarding, skiing, snow walking, dog walking, reading (great for late night reading in bed or studying)! It’s also good while outside if an unexpected snow storm with low visibility happens in-between classes or while working-out outside. Features include: very lightweight, LED lights (front & back), bluetooth/w speaker with call answering, and a magnetic loop for easy wearing. AVAILABLE:


The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet Christmas Episodes - Every Christmas episodes on a DVD set of a wholesome family featuring a real family. This is reality TV before there was reality TV.

Players will be able to dive into a realistic winter sports game that offers popular snow and ice sports in thrilling, fast-paced, competitive fun for all ages. It’s not winter yet, but winter sports fans can hit the virtual snow from home and compete on slopes all over the world.


  • Ten winter sport disciplines to enjoy including Biathlon, Downhill, Super-G, Skeleton, Speed Skating, Two-Man Bobsled, Ski Jumping, Ski Cross, Snowboard Cross and Curling
  • Local Co-Op multiplayer mode which allows for up to four players to engage in winter competition together
  • Over 50 nations to choose from and represent
  • Wide variety of adaptable competition modes and trophies to allow for endless replayability
  • Difficulty options for beginners and pros, making the game accessible for all players
  • Create your own Winter Sports event with a user-defined mode that allows for a more personalized experience

Including ten well-known Olympic sports disciplines from ski jumping to the skeleton, Winter Games 2023 is an exciting and action-packed sports game for the whole family. Players can challenge world records, compete for the best track times, and aim for gold in ready-to-play cups against up to three friends or solo against AI competition.

Winter sports athletes will encounter the thrills of breathtaking heights and speed with Winter Games 2023. And thanks to the convincing 3D graphics, players can experience the ultimate winter vacation.

Winter Games 2023 will be available from retailers and as a digital version for PlayStation 4|5, ( $ 29.99) and Nintendo Switch ($ 39.99). Winter Games 2023 is also available as a purely digital version on PC ($ 29.99) and XBOX ($ 29.99)

AMAZING GRACE: COUNTRY STARS SING SONGS OF FAITH AND HOPE, available just in time for holiday gift giving!
Spotlighting some of the best-loved artists in country music, and featuring 153 incredible live performances, this collection is filled with the sharing of powerful songs of faith that have reverberated inside church walls and concert halls for decades. 

Now for the very first time, home audiences can enjoy live performances of the greatest country artists performing songs of faith and hope, all in one stunning, star-studded collection. Highlighted by live performances from Alan Jackson, Alabama, the Statler Brothers, Josh Turner, Vince Gill, Randy Travis, George Jones, Reba McEntire, The Oak Ridge Boys, Dolly Parton, Tennessee Ernie Ford, the Gatlin Brothers and dozens more, they’ve all gone back to their roots to revive such timeless hymns as “Amazing Grace”, “How Great Thou Art”, “In the Garden”, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” and more!  A powerful intersection between faith and art, this collectible set also includes bonuses too numerous to mention, but includes more than a dozen exclusive interviews and performances, a full-color 36-page collector’s book loaded with archival photos and two bonus DVDs from the “Opry Gospel Classics” set, featuring live performances from the stage of the iconic theater (Available exclusively on Time Life; $134.95)


Tidbits Fun Bites Meringue Cookies make a perfect stocking stuffer as they are sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, cholesterol free and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Tidbits bite-sized treats come in the following flavors: Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Cotton Candy and Birthday Cake, and you can select from 3 lines: regular, keto-friendly, & diabetic-friendly. Available at: and Amazon.

For Her

Comfy Pajamas

Once you put these onesies on, good luck getting off the couch or out of bed!

LazyOne's ultra-comfy pajamas make it easy to hit the snooze button. Their fun flapjack onesies with puns on the buns are a modern take on the classic long john. Made from 100% cotton, they're snug, yet stretchy.

They also have matching ones for the whole family which makes for a great holiday photo op!

Available on LazyOne's website and Amazon.

KEEPSTER is the only way to easily turn texts (including emojis and photos) into personalized hardcover books. With so much of our lives taking place on our phones, KEEPSTER is the perfect keepsake for the modern age. They capture memories big and small and preserve cherished moments for a lifetime to come. The books are customizable and suitable for every text thread - from first texts with your special someone to your laugh-out-loud group chats. 

KEEPSTER is surprisingly simple. Start with a visit to and download the app from the website. Then save your iPhone messages securely in the app and select the ones you’d like to include in a book. Finally, customize your design! The book title, cover color, cover picture, and if you like, add a special dedication - all are up to you.


Today more than ever, we crave authenticity and connection - and KEEPSTER books fill that exact need. In just a few clicks, those texts - the ones that made us laugh, cry, and feel loved - can now be kept safe and live on, forever.

August + Monroe - Wake Up Call Eye Serum

Price: $52.00

As a professional makeup artist and skincare expert, Alex dealt with clients who were insecure about their skin. One of the main reasons Wake Up Call was created was  to provide you with the perfect base for your under eye concealer applications. No more creasing, fast drying time & an extremely smooth & hydrated look. 

Ayurveda Inspired Soap with Butter of Triphala.

- 100% Natural Hemp & Herbs Soap.

- Our Hemp & Herbs Soap is handmade & contains only natural ingredients,

- If you struggle with eczema or acne, you will benefit from the vitamins & fatty acids that those oils bring to your skin. Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, & renewing effects support your journey towards healthy skin.

Goddess Detox

Price: Varies

Available on Amazon

Founder Olanikee Osibowale set an intention for change, using holistic womb healing, the power of affirmations, and herbs to cleanse the body physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

She helps today’s women reconnect to themselves through herbal and flower-powered products for vaginal detoxing, cleansing, and steaming (an indigenous practice done by women worldwide for centuries).

Laila’s Gift

Price: $12.95 

Affiliated with Amazon

Shari is the woman behind the magical nonprofit organization called Laila’s Gift; a nonprofit that celebrates the birthdays of children with special needs and disabilities. Her 8-year-old daughter, Lana, created a children’s coloring book to inspire kids’ creativity by leaving space for them to create the book’s illustrations. Lana created the book as a way to connect with her twin sister Laila, who lives with Jacobsen Syndrome.

Liberation Nails

Price: $18.00

Staci Morris created Liberation Nails with the mission to use color as a catalyst for personal transformation, individual expression, and joyful liberation from the status quo. Their formulas are long-lasting, vegan, and 21-free; and we are driven by sustainability from our packaging to our practices. 

Sea Witch Botanicals

Price: Varies

When Alesia decided to start a soap and cosmetic company her goal was simple: to keep waterways safe, as they had kept her safe her entire life. To Alesia, being a Sea Witch means that you get your power from the sea and it is your obligation to care for it in return. This amazing brand has a beautiful collection of artisan soaps, product washes, incense, and candles that blend to harness a healthy lifestyle.

Red Pantz

Price: Varies

The brand’s founder, Petra, is a board-certified ayurvedic health practitioner with a master’s degree in ayurvedic medicine. MY24/7 by Red Pantz is a premium ayurveda-inspired self-care collection to support wellness from the outside (skincare) as much as from the inside (teas)–because what’s going on inside will show up on the outside, and vice versa.

WanderFull’s HydroBag

Price: $49.00


Lisa and Katie are two active moms with three kids each. Katie, who is obsessed with staying hydrated, has long pined for a cute bag to tote her water bottle and her other essentials without hauling around a huge bag. Next thing you know, they founded their first brand, WanderFull!

Worthy Brands

Price: $28.50


Kid inspired, mom created, ophthalmologist endorsed. Paige’s daughter was diagnosed with amblyopia (also known as lazy eye) at an early age. When she discovered there were only standard, adult eye patches availble on the market, she decided to create her own. See Worthy makes eye patches for kids to see as good as they look. 

For Him

Setex controller grips help you keep your game in control. These non-slip grips maintain their performance even on sweaty or oily skin and Setex thumbsticks show 356% more grip on sweaty thumbs than competing products. Custom grip designs are available for Nintendo Switch, Switch Pro, PS4, PS5 and XBox to guarantee a perfect fit. It is soft to the touch and easy to apply. Available in black, red and blue. (Black only for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Pro)  $17.99 for 2-pack kit ($12.99 for the Thumbstick grips only). Also on Amazon.


Snuggly-Soft Blanket

Wrap them up in warmth with PediPocket!

PediPocket's blankets are not only plush, extra long, and super soft... they also have a clever and spacious foot pocket to keep your toes toasty. And with 3 sizes and 21 colors, there's a PediPocket for everyone who needs a little snuggle or warm feet. 

Add an extra dose of coziness with PediPocket's new LUX blankets. These ones are double-lined with faux Sherpa.

Available on PediPocket's website and Amazon.

 African Coffee Club (Single purchase and Subscriptions) Stuff all your coffee lovers’ stockings with premium single-source whole bean coffee from Africa (the birthplace of coffee!) from African Coffee Club. This online subscription company, founded by a 2nd generation coffee farmer, provides high-end African coffee varieties. Using only the finest coffee beans grown and harvested from 9 regions and six countries is like a  tour of Africa with each sip! Each coffee has a unique note profile specific to each region's coffee farm--providing a variety of aromatic blends for coffee aficionados to experience. Its flavorful single-origin whole bean African coffee is perfect for drip coffee makers, french press, and pour-over enthusiasts. It is freshly roasted weekly in California to ensure freshness with each order. Available in beautiful gift sets, single-purchases, and subscriptions every 2, 4, or 6 weeks. Visit www. African coffee

Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies:  Stuff  almost everyone’s stocking with Black Sheep CBD merigue cookies! These tasty traditional treats but with a healthy twist! Made from premium, all-natural ingredients, these deliciously light cookies are made with CBD (THC Free) that taste as good as they'll make you feel-- with none of the high! Crafted from chef-inspired recipes, Black Sheep CBD Meringue Cookies have only natural ingredients like Cane Sugar and Natural flavors. They are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy Free, Cholesterol Free, Non-GMO, and THC-Free and contain zero total fat, saturated fats, or trans fats. Every bag contains 100 MG or 200MG of 100% hemp-derived CBD and is made from full-spectrum CBD. Available in 9 irresistible flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cappuccino, Caramel, Birthday Cake, Cookies & Cream, Cotton Candy, and Mint Chocolate. Available at  

Lynn & Liana Designs

Price: $86.99+


*15% commission*

Lynn & Liana Designs is a family business. CMO and owner, Melissa, is proud that her charcuterie boards are one of a kind, hand-poured with plant-based resin, meticulously crafted individual works for art; no two items are the same.

Pure Origin Coffee

Price: $14.99


*15% commission* 

Founder Victoria wants consumers to know their coffee is sustainably sourced and meet the farmers who grew it! Pure Origin Coffee is born on the grounds of need for human connection. Their endeavors include assistance to family owned farms, support of clean water initiatives, procurement of equal opportunities for women, access to safe medical treatments…and more!


The Dooloop leash accessory helps you walk your dog with ease with this simple must-have hands-free eco-friendly solution that secures to your leash carrying a bag of your doggies “doo” saving you from carrying it for miles to the nearest trash can. The Dooloop team wants all dog owners to enjoy the path ahead with a little more freedom with their innovative dog poop holder added as a leash accessory. The Dooloop is made with non-toxic, BPA free, recycled/recyclable plastic, has zero-waste packaging and is assembled by hand. The Dooloop is available in a nice variety of 7 colors. Sold as single colors or check out the TRIOS as that way you have one for your leash at home and in the car and one to share with a friend to pay it forward. The Dooloop is Made in the USA. and retailers nationwide.

The SodaPup Collection of durable products help you keep pets in the spirit of the Holidays safely with treat dispensers shaped like a Turkey, a Cherry Pie, a Present, a Gingerbread Cookie, a Christmas Tree, a Snowman, and more to encourage playtime and also independence for your dog at home sweet home. This year they have also been busy continuing to create new durable toys, new rubber treat dispensers, new nylon chew toys with Lick Enrichment mats called “e-mats” and two new enrichment products that they call “e-coins” and “e-trays”.  All products are Made in the USA., retailers nationwide and Amazon.

Stocking Stuffers

If you have earbuds of any kind, Setex wired or wireless earbud grips are a must-have! Keep earbuds tightly secured to your ear whether you’re sitting still, working out, biking or on the move. Available for various models, including Bose QuietComfort, Google Pixel Buds, Jabra Elite 75t & 85t, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live & Pro, Sennheiser CX 400BT, Skullcandy Sesh Evo, Tranya T10, Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro. Never lose an earbud again. $9.99. Also on Amazon.

Bearback Scratcher is the very best back scratcher out there. Take it from me. I LOVE my back scratched. See my review

The ToDo Game is a card game for families with editions for children, parents and grandparents, couples and newlyweds! The game is all about bringing people together, and spending quality time that is free from digital distractions. The card games are easy to play—just pick a random card out of the box and follow the instructions. Each activity takes between 20 minutes to an hour and can be played over and over again. For example, the “Happy Hands” card asks family members to trace their hand on a sheet of paper, take a few moments and think of five things that make you really happy and love to do the most. Then, write these down on the five fingers of your hand and share it out loud. When you are finished, you can hang this on your wall or refrigerator. The couple’s edition helps plan out-of-the-box date nights or fun, bonding cooking experiences! The toddler cards focus on sensory play and early childhood development activities. More information is available for purchase at andUncommon Goods.

WAXELENE: How about the perfect stocking stuffers that can protect and repair your dry skin and cracked lips?

Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment 2oz travel tube is your savior for dry, irritated skin!  This silky smooth natural ointment is certified organic, petroleum free and hypoallergenic – and is safe for infants and children. The ointment is specially formulated to moisturize dry skin while providing a breathable water-proof barrier to allow cuts, rashes and irritations to treat everything from eczema to psoriasis flare-ups. PRICE: $16.99

One of Zooey Deshanel’s favorite items, The Waxelene Lip Tube is an all-natural lip balm that’s a must have to quickly treat chapped lips and cold sores.  The lip balm can be purchased as a single, 3 Piece or 5 Piece pack. 

PRICE: $11.99


Bold Made (Designed for the whole family)

Available at Amazon

Bold Made was awarded the Best Children’s Product Award by Tillywig.  Bold Made flips the script on traditional Old Maid by including Bold Women who made huge impacts on our world such as Malala Yousafzai, Temple Grandin, Ellen Ochoa, Roberta Bondar, Billie Jean King, Georgia O’Keeffe, Sally Ride, Maya Angelou, Amelia Earhart and many more.  Bold Made also has a more aspirational goal of ending the game with the Bold Made card. The perfect way to have fun and learn about inspiring women at the same time.  

Taco vs Burrito (A Perfect Family-Friendly Party Game for Kids, Teens & Adults)

Available at Amazon

Taco vs Burrito is the #1 Most Gifted Card Game on Amazon. This wildly popular and surprisingly strategic game was created by a 7-year-old and has taken the card game industry by storm.  With over 600K games sold and over 12,000 five-star reviews, Taco vs Burrito sold a whopping $5.6 million in 2021.  It’s perfect for kids, adults and families!

Double Ditto (Board Game for Adults, Teens & Kids 8 and up)

Available on Amazon

Double Ditto is a fun family party game that will challenge players to be clever and quick. The object of the game is to write down answers you think other players will write. Match an answer with another player to score a "ditto!" Match both answers and score a "double ditto!"

Spoof (For Adults & Teens, Kids Ages 10 and up)

Available on Amazon

The New Popular Hilarious Family Party Bluffing Board Game that will have you talking and laughing all night long!  Perfect for family game night. Or holiday parties. Or vacation time! Spoof is great for any gathering of friends and family. 

Don't Go Boom (Card Game for Kids, Ages 7 and up)

Available on Amazon

Your Mission? Don’t Go Boom! An Explosion of Fun - Other kids games on the market move slowly and can’t keep attention. The Don’t Go Boom card games for kids keep you and your kids guessing down to the last card. Don’t Go Boom is easy to learn and is perfect for kids ages 7 and up. Action cards help players strategize the best moves and create a fun, engaging vacation, travel, car, recess, or classroom card game your family will love!

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