Friday, November 12, 2021

Time Now - An Amateur Review #timenow #eleanorlambert

Writer/Director : Spencer King

Starring:   Eleanor Lambert (Diane Lane and Christopher Lambert’s daughter), Claudia Black (“The Nevers”)

Several years after a falling out with her family in Detroit, a young woman returns to the city she grew up in to mourn the sudden death of her twin brother. Upon meeting her brother's eclectic group of friends, stepping into the scene he belonged to, and navigating the urban playground that is Detroit, she soon discovers that his death is not what it seems.

Trailer :

The 411:

From Dark Star Pictures TIME NOW, writer/director Spencer King’s highly anticipated new mystery-thriller was released at this year’s Austin Film Festival (October 21- 28). Now in theaters and released On Demand you have the chance to see it.

Claudia Black and Eleanor Lambert made this movie worth it. Solid performances from both.  A dismal story about a single mother returning home due to the sudden death of her twin brother. The movie focuses on why she left and her trying to piece together what happened to him. While the pace was slow to get moving, the scenes with Claudia and Eleanor saved it for me. 

The ending surprised me and I was left wondering why? A mother’s reason should always be her child and I felt that she was setting her own little family up a dismal circle of existence. 





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