Saturday, November 06, 2021

My Life In Pictures - May 18 - May 31, 2021

May 18 - The nest fell off the deck. There are two birds and we made them a hanging nest. Momma is still feeding them and we hope they fly soon. 

May 19 - We were so happy to watch the babies fly out of the nest. They hung in the yard for a bit then took to hopping off and practice flying. It was so exciting to watch. We felt like proud mothers. 

May 20 - My daughter loves taking photos and videos while we drive. I look ridiculous and she looks adorable, but I love when she does this. 

May 21 - This baby bird was still hanging around our yard. We pray it eventually got away and is living its best life flying around but we are a heavy cat population area so please fly when you get out of the nest. PLEASE!

May 22 - We met this cat Trouble walking around the street while we were driving by. We called the owner after picking all the filth off his name tag who happened to live three houses down and said the cat is always out but we didn't want to ignore it. He seemed very loved, and friendly but was laying in the street. We look for him every time we pass his street but haven't seen him. 

May 23 - A very sleepy Jinxy

May 24 - It was time for a house cleanse

May 25 - It is always time for a selfie. 

May 26 - This girl is like Mary Poppins she always has everything you need in her bag. This time it was an umbrella for surprise rain. 

May 27 - Just out for a walk with my girl. It was a beautiful night with gorgeous skies that we can't always see with our tree cover. 

May 28 - This doesn't even look like my Goddess. Filters are so strange but fun. 

May 29 - My girls just hanging on the couch! They are both so beautiful.

May 30 - Loving the color of my LED lights.

May 31 - We made a cake for Memorial Day. It was so good. Why have I not done this before?

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