Wednesday, September 01, 2021

My Current Must Have Item Is Lumicharge II @thelumicharge

THE LUMICHARGE II LED-BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL: Lumicharge will have LUMI 30 code for 30% LumiCharge II is an all-in-one desk lamp. It’s multi-functional features include a convenient place to charge your phone with a universal charging dock (all phone types) and the 10W Wireless Fast Charger that charges two phones at once! The overall minimalistic presence of the 2.0 version will turn your desk into an efficient and non-cluttered study or work space! With three different hues (cool, warm and yellow), different levels of brightness, directional lighting, built-in-motion sensor to turn on when entering a room and an anti-bacterial surface-important in today’s environment.  This model includes an upgraded dimmable calendar display with daylight savings, date, temperature and calendar with alarm options. LumiCharge has a T2W model with a bluetooth speaker. 


The 411:

OK Guys...this is it; my current favorite product. I absolutely love it. It has made my life easier and saves me space too.

The Lumicharge II has allowed me to clear up my bedside table. I've removed my lamp, as well as a multicharger for my devices. Now I just use the Lumicharge. It  features a lamp with 3 different hues (see above) as well as a charger for my iPhone and iWatch. It has a Bluetooth Speaker and supposedly can also be paired with Alexa although I haven't mastered that yet.  I love that I can charge my iWatch and iPhone as well as use a light bright enough for me to journal or read as well as use as a nightlight.  

The iWatch charger fits right into the attachment, there is also a pencil and a headphone holder but I am using the pencil holder for my pretty galaxy rose. 

I highly recommend this and think it makes a great gift for college students or really anyone. It is a wonderful product.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered. 

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