Monday, September 27, 2021

Apartment 413 - Small Cast But Very Interesting


Marco is running out of time to find a job before his girlfriend, Dana, has their first baby. He's also losing his mind.

The 411:

I loved this limited cast movie. Is Marco’s pregnant girlfriend keeping a secret from him or is Marco losing his mind? The cryptic messages he gets through post it’s and messages on a found phone will tell him the former. 

The movie opens with a man packing. A woman calls from another room and the man silently walks in a bludgeons her before walking out with a blood soaked hammer. We fast forward a few years and Marco and Dana live here now and we never hear or see anything about the last couple. 

There were times I thought Dana was real, the a figment of his imagination. She’s pregnant, not pregnant, the damn crib, the red scarfs, the landlord, mechanic and then that damn air conditioner. What the heck? I have so many questions. If you see this movie look me up. I want to talk to you about what I think. If you love the thriller, psychological genre, you will love this movie 


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  1. Anonymous7:38 PM

    Ok, I just watched it on Hulu and wow. So there was no Dana? The AC was his baby because it was poisoning him? That’s why you hear the crying at the end when he unwraps it? The mechanic? Did he really have a job? HELP! Lol


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